Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spic and Span
by LyceL

Everyday is a good day. Never waste a single moment without having fun of your friends, love ones and special someone, making it worthwhile and grabbing the satisfaction that we are all begging for. No wonder, if it already passed, it will never be taken back.

“Life has always been like this,” I said. Everyday is a tiring journey. Each day, I felt so sad and lonely. Day by day, I found myself so stuck with school stuffs—without having an inspiration—someone who’ll stir me up of all my problems, someone who’ll show enthusiasm despite my exhausting activities, and someone who’ll serve as my inspiration in my day to day journey. Inside me is the feeling of being tired of everything.

Though all of this seems to drown me in a river of pressure and frustration, one day, I realized that this should not allow me to- that I should have the time for myself to enjoy and have fun and most of all, be part of something that I know I will be happy.

Sought with this thought, I decided to be part of the TN, where of course I know that I’m not the best of all. But still I considered myself as a little speck—yet too cheerful that at least I exist and did something right for myself. However, this perception changed through as I first started my life in TN. Pressures here and there, pressures everywhere. Thinking that, joining seems to add pressures in my life.

Aside from this, my social life has also begun to rupture. I had no other friends except for the TN staffs and some close classmates. Even my relationship with my special someone has sprouted into seedlings of uncertainties and spore of idleness. Well then, I realized the consequences. Truth hurts. I should accept all the pressures rushing through my veins and yes! I believe that I had.