Friday, October 7, 2011

For the nth time

October 8, 2011 – 3:51am

Never had I imagined that by JUST reading through the lyrics of Goodbye by Iyaz, which Cherry had recently posted on my wall would make me weep again – weep for the nth time.

It's terrible how everytime memories of him crosses my mind, a tear or two would simply run through my cheeks, only then that I realized, I'm crying again – crying for the nth time.

Awful as it may sounds, but believe me, when I got to see familiar places, familiar foods, familiar acts, familiar shirts and scents, I would simply kneel, hold back and sought that I'm reminiscing again. Grasping and taking few glimpses again to that sweet, sweet past – recalling those seemingly unending times for the nth time.

Life is but unfair. How could that love fade so swiftly? Why do I miss him this badly? When in fact, at this very hour, he is fast asleep, with no other thoughts in mind but that system of him and maybe, just maybe, that girl he was blissfully talking about.

He's making it really, really hard for me. Texting him, seeing him around, hearing his voice and yells, seemed to drown me with so much pain – enveloping me with so much agony for the nth time. Though I salute myself how I happily approved and gave him advice with his lovelife-to-be, I was, for the nth time, fooling myself and pretending that I was fine.

The fact that I still miss him, did not hinder me to said those. I know what I feel. I know how to be matured now and this time, I know I was right when I uttered those words. Those seemingly jovial words for him; but appeared as a dagger to me, slowly slashing my already wounded heart, never ceases, until I expire.

STUPID! How I love to finally come to my senses now. When will that ever be?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cute, Idle Post

Now I'm stuck here – staring blankly at the monitor. I couldn't think of anything to blog on. All I can manage to type in are merely imperfect thoughts from my imperfect mind.

Lately, I was preoccupied with so many stuffs to post on But all just faded to thin air and I just can't find a way to retrieve them all. Gosh!

Thus, I just would like to take this chance to feed all my cute abowman gadgets here. (i.e., kokak, ang BAO, groovy fish and my very cute hamster. Haha.) If they could just talk, they'll sure as hell complain about my being insentive of their presence. I'm pretty sure, they're all hungry now. So, I've got to feed them and make their tummies full. Haha :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nam-nam at Sans Rival

Sa kasagsagan ng bagyong Pedring at sa kalagitnaan ng sangkatutak na final exams namin sa mga major subjects, nakuha pa naming mag-unwind at mag-chibog sa isa sa mga prestihiyosong pastry shop sa lungsod ng Dumaguete – SANS RIVAL!

'Di inalintana ng humahalimuyak kong damit ang malamig na simoy ng hangin, patak ng ulan at malakas na kulog dala na rin ng nasabing bagyo. Bagkus, lugod kong tinamasa ang masayang sandali. (Haha, Ow-ey!)

Eto ang ilan sa mga pruweba:

Cute ko, noh? Grabeh! (Blog ko to! Bawal kumontra! Haha.)

Menu Book. Sosyal! Walang ganyan sa canteen! Haha.

Nababagot na'ko sa kaka-intay sa order ko. Tsk.tsk.

Kaya, picture muna. :)

Oh, di ba? Cute ko talaga! (Epal mo! Haha.)

Sa wakas, dumating na rin ang Special Hamburger ko. Haha.

Parang nasa bahay lang! Haha. Tapos na pala akong kumain n'yan. Sayang nga, eh. 'Di ko nakunan ng picture 'yung MGA inorder ko. Haha.

Sa lahat ng pics, ito 'yung the best! Sa korte pa lang ng mukha, kutis at iba pa, akung-ako na! Ako na talaga! Haha. Hindeh, friend ko 'yan. Kaya, GIVE CHANCE! Haha.

Kulang ng tatlo ang barkada. Ewan ko ba. Basta ang alam ko, 'yung isa, nakabinbin sa syota nya. Ewan ko na kung 'san napadpad 'yung dalawa.

Marahil eh, nagtataka ka sa misteryo ng pamagat kong "Nam-nam at Sans Rival." Well, ang salitang nam-nam ay pamana sa'kin ng isang taong, malikot kong pamangkin. Lahat ng salita nya ay puro isang pantig lang. At lahat ng pantig na 'yun ay puro repeated.

Example: Mam-mam. Na ang ibig sabihin ay, inum.
Nam-nam. Na ang ibig sabihin naman ay, kain.

Masayang pagbabasa! :)

Reality bites

I just had a nice talk with an old friend. We'll supposed to be together for almost three years now, but because of her current dilemma (I considered it her dilemma because I never wanted to happen it to her), the growing years that we're supposed to be blissful were cut short. The moment she told me her present situation, I was like, oh my! Was she just lying? Was what she said a way of catching my attention or whatever? But no! Tears welled up my eyes but I managed to hold it back. I really pity her. I wasn't and was never happy with her plight right now.

But I realized, no matter how kilometric my sympathy is for her, nothing will really change. And all I have to do is to accept the truth and well, pray for her and for her baby as well.

After a bit chatting with her, bunch of realization enlightened me. I couldn't thank her enough for such a great talk. I praise her for being so firm despite the kind of treatment she is getting with that creature. Through arrays of disappointments and frustrations she had been constantly receiving, I could still see within her eyes the beam of hope she had always asked for – the hope of changing that mammal.

I'll continue to pray for her. I hope her baby boy would not inherit his father's manners. I hope his father will realize how lucky he is to have my friend. I hope all these hopes will come true. :)