Wednesday, August 25, 2010

With nothing but my t-shirt on...

Nothing to lose! Today, I am task by my teacher in Socio to report the other socializing agencies of Socialization. Nervousness run through my veins as I and Donna set our visual aids in the blackboard.

But before that, this feeling started as I was walking towards our classroom. My world turned in slow motion when I saw my crush. He appeared to be the Waze Lei in Meteor Garden due to his pose. While his leg is resting on the floor, the other one is bent and positioned on the wall while he was reading his notes. What makes the show more interesting was that, he stop reading, stood up, and stare at me as I was taking my uneasy steps.

I suppose, this guy isn't just MY crush because it seems as though, all of my girl classmates were hooked on his "chinito and seryoso" aura.

My once calm knees became tense. My steps eventually became light and springy. I continue walking as if those looks don't mean anything to me. Hmmm...

I headed straight to the door and opened it. To my surprise, my crush followed me and we entered the classroom together. Weee!

Donna was able to witness the show. She then teased me saying, "Uy kilig, uy kinikilig!" I was supposed to get angry and intimidated with her jokes. But with the kind of joke that she thrown on me, it appeared to be a lucky charm and encouraged me to strike a good pose and be good with my report.

As I was imagining myself talking in front while my crush is listening to me intently, I was disturbed by a girl who recently passed by. Oh my gas! What the? We both wore the same t-shirt. Same brand, same color, same size and perhaps, same purchased in Lee Plaza worth P79.95.

A classmate directly noticed us. I wanted him to shut up so that my crush won't notice it. But no matter what I do, he just couldn't stop his mockery. I don't want to be angry. "I will just leave a negative impression towards my crush," I said to myself. So, I took it as a good sport, and join with the laughter.

The roll was so swift. I just realized it begun just when Donna had already finished her report. And so, it was my time. I first glanced at him and started my report. I wonder why I felt so panic when in fact, I never suffer like this before.

Each time I glimpse at him, I grasped his wonderful eyes and perfect smile. What I picture out lately was realized. I was so happy! He really is listening to me intently. Oh God! Pigilan mo'ko! Pigilan mo'ko!

I ended my report with a simple glance at him. Still, I was able to capture his stunning looks.

"That was a very good report," Dr. Tan asserted. What happened summed up my happiness.

I realized, daydreaming isn't that bad just as long as you know from the start that it would really ensue. hehe:)) And even if I wore an identical t-shirt with my classmate, I know that she will never get identical stare from the guy I call my ultimate crush.