Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a thought...

Just when I thought that I'm almost done with my tasks in school, it was then that I realized that I'm still stuck with so many obligations both in and outside the campus.

September 16, deadline of our magazine project
September 25, drama in English
September 28, speech in English still
Last week of September, deadline of our project in Management with which, I don't have any idea how to start it when in fact, I am chosen as the leader of the group. awtz!:(

Not only that, I still have to memorize my lines in our play as well as my three-minute speech. Gosh?! September is really a month of cramming. Good thing, someone came and helped me make my BCS project. At least, the burden was lessen. Thanks to him! weh??

I just hope that I can make these all before the deadline... Sighs...