Thursday, May 12, 2011

One post a day, goes a long way

I'm still on snooping my way; yet, my other co-bloggers were already celebrating their hundredth and something post. Well, duh. I don't have to leave myself cursing any longer. Since in whatever ways you would try to examine, it would still be me who will blamed of for such.

Now, here's the boring stuff. In ancient times, I really am an active blogger. You would see me typing my news article here; but on the other window, I'm making my way, creating a new post for my blog. For whatever the reason is, may it be writing what is really on my mind, when there is an available computer, or just a way of sneaking out to escape from boredom, after all, it could still be summed up to, rightfully updating my blog. Mind you, I really am a die-hard blogger --- in those times.

On the other hand, some brain viruses and even academic obligations struck me causing me to isolate myself from

That virus and obligations, in all sense, were merely my lamest excuse that I could offer now. I couldn't think of any reason, except for sluggishness, that by all means, could excuse myself.

And the rest is history.

As of press time, it seemed as though circle of bloggers induced me with bitterness because of not being an avid blogger anymore. Duh. How I love to ignore them. However, as much as I wanted to neglect them, is an inner desire of changing myself– changing for the better.

I would not left words of promises nor, assurances behind. Only point worth to ponder with. One post a day goes along way!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Usual

If Insomnia is difficulty in sleeping, then what on earth is crisis in waking up early? Can somebody enlighten me?

Since the day my ambitious anatomy opt to make Physical Education as my seven o'clock AM class during Mondays and Wednesdays, there started my unstoppable laziness in waking up early.

If I could recall, we have to deceive our class secretary that we're not late in attending the three unconsecutive classes that we had, so as to save ourselves from our instructor's threat which is being dropped in her list. Well, who wouldn't be threatened?

The moment I heard her saying that, a thought of befriending our class secretary so I could easily convince her to change what she has in her records keeps on taunting me. While I was busy trying to figure things out, a friend of mine whispered (I hope she could read this one. HAHA), telling me that after our class, we'll have to make our way in deceiving the secretary and let out all our convincing prowess to alter what she has written.

"Miss, kani siya ba, sayu man mi ani. Ka-attend jud mi sa klase ana nga date. Promise," she said.

I have to be confident in telling her that those dates marked with L (as in Late) was absolutely absurd. "Sakto jud Miss. Ka-attend jud mi ana. Wala ra siguro ka kita namu,"I added.

After a bit of discussion, she found justice in our reasons and twisted letter L into a check mark. Shortly after that, a bunch of our classmates also made a negotiation with the secretary.

That proves our sense of leadership and of being a PhD holder in telling a lie– a white lie I mean. Because if not for that, I should not have seen a stunning flat one in my load form as my grade in PE. (HAHA :D) And of course, many parents should have been saddened with the thought that their daughters will be taking PE 121 again.

Anyhow, that will be the first and last performance arrangement. Soon, I will be receiving my load form. I wouldn't be surprise if I can see an unusual mark there. To be specific, my Management 154. I'm always reprimanded by my instructor to wake up and prepare myself early so that I could also come to class early. But he was hopeless in receiving positive behavior from me.

A usual point of "You're too early for the next class" is what I am constantly reaping from him. While he was expecting for me to change, I always had the guts to still join the discussion although I was already 30 minutes late.

This attitude of mine still lingers. Every morning, I am usually bathe with anger from my Mama. "Bangon na dha Liting, mudto na!", is what I am always earning from her. "How could it be noon when it fact, it's still nine o'clock?", I would said. But this would just drive her to cultivate my past mistakes and I would have to cover my ears or let her redundant words pass on the other end.

I don't know how to furnish this one. Even if I would sleep ahead of time, to think that I would be timely for the next day, I would still stumble and fall from my scheme of doing things. Sorry na gud? :(

Monday, May 9, 2011

NBA Playoffs + Mobile Games = Zero Boredom

Sport to die for

It was just recently when I realized that I'd been hooked with basketball. It all started with boredom. Kasi naman kasi. Walang ibang channel na makuha yung telebisyon namin. Only shows of GMA and ABS-CBN are the ones being flashed on the screen. Guess this is for a lifetime already ;( That is why, when I turned on the TV and saw basketball on the silver screen, after being hopeless of the shows of GMA, I had no other option but watch and forcely enjoy myself or else, I'll be enveloped with boredom again.

I actually don't have any knowledge of basketball's technical terms and other stuffs; but, the part that I found another vitamin A ( good for my eyes only :] ) was the very reason why I'm already a fan of NBA playoffs.

This guy I'm talking about is an American professional player and plays as point guard of the Boston Celtics. He's not that handsome though but with the kind of eager and aura that he possessed, simply makes me shiver everytime I watch him playing. Yeee!

During the Eastern Conference Semifinals; Game 4 with Maimi Heat, Boston Celtics seemed to be devastated since their point guarder, got his elbow dislocated. He was apparently in great torment at that time. Luckily, he was able to return in the game shortly after. With his presence, Celtics appeared to struggle and played harder to win that game. He put his best foot forward even with his obvious, dislocated elbow. Thus, at the end of the fourth quarter, Celtics prevailed with the score of 97-81. (This scene made me admire him even more)

He is number 9 on the shirt, stands 6 ft 1 in., and weighs 171 pounds. My very own, Rajon Rondo (haha!) :)

Mobile Games for life

It was mentioned in my earlier post that I was already worn-out with the redundant game that a 3310 phone could offer me. Good thing, jisphert downloaded eight games on HIS phone (which is what I am currently using). Now, I could suffice myself and have an endless hours of fun! Thanks to him.

Hence, NBA playoffs and mobile games are my fuel to last a typical day! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yawyaw 103

Pagod ako sa kakaisip kung ano ang pinaka-maayang Major na dapat kong kunin.
Pagod ako sa walang saysay na kakalakad parito't pabalik.
Pagod ako sa araw-araw na pakikinig ng mga patutsada ni Mama.
Pagod ako sa kaka-remind sa sarili ko na 'wag ng maging pabaya.
Pagod na'kong mag-laro ng Snake sa 3310 na cellphone ng kapatid ko. (Hayyy! Wala bang bago? 'bat ko pa kasi dinelit yung games sa cp ko? Ayan tuloy)
Pagod ako kasi palagi akong pinapagod ng kapatid ko.
Pagod ako sa pagiging bored. (Hayyy! Boredom. Lisanin mo nang bokabolaryo ko)

Pagod ako sa pagiging walang kwentang anak at asawa, este! syota ng syota ko pala.
Pagod ako sa kahihingi ng sorry sa kanya.
Pagod ako sa kaka-disappoint sa kanya.
Pagod ako sa pagpapaintinde sa kanya, na sya lang at wala ng iba.

Pagod ako sa kahihintay ng oras para makasama ko na siya ulit. Hayyy! Kung pwede lang sanang hilahin. Aw?

Pagod ako sa kakahanap ng site na mag-aaliw sa'kin.
Pagod ako sa kakaayos ng headphone. (Na hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ayos. Pano ba'to?)
Pagod ako sa kakaisip kung may masilaw bang bukas na naka-antabay sa'kin.
Pagod nga akong tapusin tong post na'to,e.
Pagod ako sa kakaisip ng mga bagay na nagpapa-pagod sa'kin. Alam ko marami yun. Kaso ngayong kaharap ko na'ng keyboard at screen, bigla nalang nagsipulasan sa isip ko.

Pagod ako dahil pagod ako.

Gayunpaman, atat na atat na'kong maging 3rd year sa pasukan!
Atat na atat na'kong gamitin ang teknik na tinuro sa'kin ni caroline para maka-lusot sa mga pilang kay haba haba.
Atat na atat na'kong matapos ang post na'to!
Atat na atat na'kong magbagong buhay.
Atat na atat na'kong pagandahin ang blog ko.
Atat na atat na'kong makasama SYA. (Char!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pa-Buena manong post – Sana :D

It's been a century since I last updated my blog. Although, this is not the first instant that I open this site, since everytime I get the chance to sit, lay my hands on the keyboard and my eyes glued on the screen, I always make my way on typing on the tab bar. The sad part however, is that, my motive of opening this site is to just read what other bloggers have incorporated on the dashboard and not on updating it. Well, so much of those stuffs, welcome me again blog. I'm back in the blogosphere! Sana tuloy-tuloy nato men!

Last night, I received my first-ever-blouse purchased online. It's not that expensive though. It's not that extravagant. It's not even branded with famous trademarks; but, I was really amazed with its style, it's simplicity (and of course, its price HAHA). I mean, every chic would really be hooked on its plain design that in just one glance, you would really be eager to have it.

Later this afternoon, I checked the site for online shopping... again. Then, I found another fine blouse but sad to say, it was already reserved to someone else. tsk.tsk