Thursday, May 12, 2011

One post a day, goes a long way

I'm still on snooping my way; yet, my other co-bloggers were already celebrating their hundredth and something post. Well, duh. I don't have to leave myself cursing any longer. Since in whatever ways you would try to examine, it would still be me who will blamed of for such.

Now, here's the boring stuff. In ancient times, I really am an active blogger. You would see me typing my news article here; but on the other window, I'm making my way, creating a new post for my blog. For whatever the reason is, may it be writing what is really on my mind, when there is an available computer, or just a way of sneaking out to escape from boredom, after all, it could still be summed up to, rightfully updating my blog. Mind you, I really am a die-hard blogger --- in those times.

On the other hand, some brain viruses and even academic obligations struck me causing me to isolate myself from

That virus and obligations, in all sense, were merely my lamest excuse that I could offer now. I couldn't think of any reason, except for sluggishness, that by all means, could excuse myself.

And the rest is history.

As of press time, it seemed as though circle of bloggers induced me with bitterness because of not being an avid blogger anymore. Duh. How I love to ignore them. However, as much as I wanted to neglect them, is an inner desire of changing myself– changing for the better.

I would not left words of promises nor, assurances behind. Only point worth to ponder with. One post a day goes along way!