Thursday, August 19, 2010


The first time I saw you, I thought you were good-looking. But I finally came to my senses. "Papalapit nang papalapit, pumapangit." That's what you are. AWH...TCH...

(That pangit term doesn't really mean that he looks one. I just don't like him. Nothing else.)

I can still vividly remember, it was a cold Wednesday morning. I wasn't able to wake up early because, the meeting last Tuesday was so long that it took us 48 years until it finally adjourned. (awh? uber!) And since it's a chilly weather, my biological clock accentuated with it.

While going to school, I already apprehended that I'll be late with my 7AM P.E class. And so was it. But despite the thought, I still joined it considering the fact that, checking of attendance will be at the end of the class.

I was late. I headed at the last column. I was expecting that no one will partner with me since I was late and there is scarcity of boys in our time. Luckily, a boy approached me and muttered that he will be my partner.

Yes! His good in memorizing steps. He was the one who taught me with those irritating steps of CariƱosa. Though the fact that I hate dancing traditional dances, I welcomed it with a smile delight because my partner is good with it.

Until that day came. A realization knocked at my door when he partner with me again that Monday morning even if he knows that someone is beside me already waiting to be my partner.

That was the first thing that made me irritate with his presence. Before our practice started, he asked me with so many questions like, what's my name, what's my course, what's my vacant time, what time will I go home, etc.

My classmates even teased us because they noticed that this boy looked at me straightly and asked me intently. "Uy! Getting to know each other," they asserted. Duh! Whatever!

Wednesday came. I decided to absent in our class because my P.E shirt and short is still wet. And chiefly because, I don't want to see that boy-- ever again. Seeing him would surely spoil my day.

In the afternoon, I and a friend of mine decided to take our snacks near the CIT. We were so blissful then. Talking with so many things that happened that day. After we took our snacks, we directly departed-- still laughing. Until we realized that someone is walking after us. When I look back, I was stunned to know that my P.E classmate and a friend of him is after us. Oh my! What the?

We walk faster then I proceeded to the TN office so that he cannot follow anymore.

I then shared to my friend the infuriating story. Apparently, she was more displeased than I do. Awh:)

Well then, I hope that mammal won't disturb me anymore. Please Lord, help me find my soul-partner. A gay would do...

Also, help him to search his new partner, Lord. But please don't allow him to choose me again. huhu:(