Friday, November 13, 2009

Careless Whisper
By Purple

Life’s proven thought: “Never opt for something without meticulously checking the trademark, variety and especially the price of the product.”

It was sizzling hot outside. I was riding a motorcycle with my father. That morning, I was wearing a red jacket to protect me from the heat of the sun. Suddenly, I told Papa to stop first before Cang’s so I can buy my Christmas card prescribed by Kuya last Tuesday.

When I came inside the establishment, with the feeling of being seared because of the heat of the sun, I directly ask the saleslady about the stand of those cards and go straight to where it was being placed.

With the desire to get a stunning one but thinking that choosing it would require lots of money, I pick the “not so beautiful” one and thought that price would never mind but the message from the heart would best explains the real essence of Christmas. Thus, I went to the counter and got my wallet, ready to pay that card. However, I was awfully shocked when I saw in the monitor that it cost Php 49.75.

With the feeling of being ashamed once I return that card and exchange it with something economical, I draw my 50 peso baon given by my mother that morning to pay it and said “Sige nalang, Christmas bitaw.”

When I entered the office, I approach Rolyn and Catherine and ask them if they already got their Christmas Card. Apparently, they both said that they haven’t bought it yet.

Afternoon came; some staffs were talking about the card and decided to buy together. Rolyn and Catherine went to Lee Plaza and pick the P24.50 card. It was not that attractive like my card but the only alteration is that, it just cost them a little value compared to mine.

When evening came, Kuya arrived and felt so happy with his card. He also gave the other card he bought for Ate Nadine. A staff once asked Kuya how does it cost him and he answered P35.50.

Whaaaat??? His card was full of glitter-glitter effects, with a Christmas music played when you’re about to open it, and with Santa Clause as the preface of the card. It’s inevitable to compare it with mine. I can’t help thinking of the price, the design and style, and all the gimmicks, my gass! Bog’z jud akong card (hehe… Sige lamang).

Kuya then called everyone so we can start our meeting. Everybody got their card- varieties of them were on their hands. I, myself, was hesitant to draw mine in my bag knowing that some would tease me because of my being dumb to choose something that cost expensive yet appeared to be the same as the one’s that are what we call “cheap”.(hehe…)

That night, I learned to be efficient enough to choose a product. Yes! I admit, I was really dumb of having thought that 10 percent as 10 pesos. And starting that night, I will never be careless anymore. Weeee!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stupido Ragazzo
By Lycel

Its a stupid feeling when you're so desperate to consume a pretty damn cute thing but you're heart is too damn scared to know the answer- that you can never ever do it.

During my elementary days, I felt so happy whenever I have a liquid eraser. It feels good to have such a thing that you know many of your classmates does not have it and its nice to hear that they'll be obsessed begging to borrow it. (hehe... what a girl?)

However, this concept changed through the days because several of my classmates bought their own liquid eraser and forgetting me as the founder... The first one to have it... (hehe... again).

Through the days, I realized I can't consume all of it on my own. So, I found myself pretending to have an erasure and blot it using my liquid. Just like fooling myself, there's no page in my notebook without a white paint in it but still, it never got empty. "I'll throw it away,"I said. I'm not happy any longer using it.

As I stepped on my college life, and striving to have a better grade in my Typing Lessons, I was pissed off with my stupid hands because every now and then, I commit errors that certainly I was not pretending with. Until that day came, I noticed that my liquid eraser was empty. My gass! I still have many erasures, how am I gonna deal with it?

That time, I felt so numb... But even so, I could still feel my success in consuming it all without any pretentious intent. Hehe... Success!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Kong Pagbati
By Lycel D. Caingcoy

Kahinumdom ko sauna
Maglanat-lanat tang duha
Sa ilalum sa punong mangga
Kanunay tang magakatawa.

Sa ka-agbon ug ka-init sa dalan,
Pag-hapla ko imu akong gitabangan
Gipatidog mo ako ug lagi gipaspasan
Maayo nalang kay anaa ka sa akong kiliran.

Wa' mo pa ba kalimti?
Magbalay-balay sad ta permi
Gisulog-sulog pa tag gi-abi-abi
Kay kitang duha magkuyog sige.

Ug didto nag-sugod ang cute kong pagbati
Daw ako ang reyna, ug ikaw akong hari.
Sa tanang lalaki, ikaw ang gipalabi
Ikaw lang gud ang higugmaon sa tibuok kong kinabuhi.

Ikaw ang maambong bituon sa kadagatan,
Ikaw ang labing mahayag nga bulan,
Daw ikaw ang adlaw sa'kong kalibutan
Takus nga makauban sa akong kalisdanan.

Apan naputol mga maayo kong adlaw
Mga malipayong panghitabo, tanan nahanaw
Kay s tuman natong pag-kuyog, nakabantay akong magulang
Mi-sumbong dayon sa akong Inahan ug Amahan.

"Ayaw sa gud ni-ana Inday," tugon sa akong Mama.
"Daghan pa kang dapat makat-unan," dungag pa ni Papa.
Labaw sa tanan, ikaw gayod bata pa.
Wala kay laing huna-hunaon, 'kon dili ang pag-eskuyla.

Sukad ni-ato, masulob-on kong nangamuyo.
Ni-dangat sa Ginoo, ug kaniya naga-ampo
Nga unta hatagan ako ug maayong buot
Tapuson kinibng gibating kangut-ngot.

Ug kay lagi buotan kong pagka-anak,
Tambag kanila akong gi-tahak
Mayra gud lagi, kay cute akong pagbati
Dili tantong sakit ang akong nasinati.

Sa kasikas sa dahon, ug dagan sa panahon,
Wala ko na hikit-i ang akong pag-laum
Masusi kong gipakyas gugma nakong matarong,
Aron pag-eskuyla nako ang unahon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Share of Drama
By Lycel D. Caingcoy

I can still remember how I wrote my first poem in Grade 5. I held a pen and a paper in my hand. I wonder which of those cells in my body made me so dull that I can't even write a single word to start my composition. I wonder why words won't come out even if they're already at the tip of my tongue, and I keep on asking myself why can't I do it while others can?

All of these are the thoughts I first encountered when I begun my career as a writer. It wasn't my plan to become one someday. It's just that, I'm so after with the points I will get when I will join our school paper in the elementary. And that's it! I joined the Division Schools Press Conference at Foundation University together with my colleagues. I was so stunned knowing that this is my first time and numerous writers from varied schools are on their way to compete me. Nervousness rushed through my veins for I know from deep within, I wasn't a good writer. I already expect the expected- that I will never ever win. And so was it...

After the contest, I kept on asking why do I love calling myself as a writer and yet I don"t deserve it? I know I don't have the skills of becoming one. I suppose I am not rich in vocabularies and colorful ideas and I strongly believe that I will never excel in this field. So, I quit.

Years passed by and I continue focusing myself on academic concerns. To cut it short, when I stepped on my third year high school, I saw myself wanting and dreaming of being a staffer again. I remember the line, "Life is a cycle, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down." Thus, my dreams were wearing thin when I was younger and so I stirred up and thought, this time, I will be at the limelight. However, a swathe of awesome darkness fell on me. My dreams did not come to realize. I blamed myself for being a loser and I can't stop comparing myself from others.

From then on, I didn't give up. For the last term of my secondary level, I strove hard, read more papers and practiced much. This time, I proved myseld. I was very determined and eager to surpass in this field. Fortunately, I was one of the chosen journalists to represetnt the Division of Dumaguete in the Regional Schools Press Conference at Mandaue City, Cebu. I felt so glad and my stay there is one of my fulfilling desires I had ever dreamt of my life.

Because of this experience, I discovered 5 factors affecting a writer to write a good composition.

1. Strong determination, eagerness and willingness of the writer to write something,

2. His/Her mood at the time,

3. The silence of the surroundings,

4. The cleanliness of the paper and

5. The quality of the ballpen he/she is going to use.

Now that I'm one of the trainees of THE NORSUnian, I never expected being one of the staffers on the following days (for judgement day is on our way)., 'coz if I do, I know that if this expectation is not met, I'll suffer the pain and wait for many years to tolerate it. Applicants that passed the written exam and interview are considered the cream of the crop (except me). But I will never forget how I found my second family- TN, char! Love you all.... Eeeey! Thanks for the memories and the laughters we'd shared together.

Earthquake hits JNHS
(My first ever news article published in JNHS CHRONICLER- The official school paper of Junob National High School)

A swathe of shocking tensions felt on students when a sudden earthquake with an intensity of 5.5 hit Junob National High School buildings and grounds last July 13, 2007, Friday, at around 9:00 in the morning. The earthquake lashed the said grounds causing some leaks on Building-F.

Erica Jane Bais, fourth year orange was shocked and fainted and the rest of the high school students were frightened and shaken.

Tensions and worries were felt on the scene. Thus, students went out fearfully from their rooms with hands protecting their heads. Shortly, teachers from different year levels announced that the classes are cancelled.

Because of the catastrophe that happened recently, students practiced earthquake drill last July 27, 2007. Selected third year students of Mrs. Katherine L. Partosa were also trained to be first aiders purposely for a temporary care for the victims.

P.S. Hehe... Binata... This article was revised for almost 10 times. Every time I have an erasure on my final draft (even a single one), my adviser would suggest to get another piece of paper and re-write it. Thus, I have many final drafts and each time I presented it to him, he always find something wrong in it. This is one of the reason why I always cry for being a loser, why I didn't want to go to school and why I didn't want to see the face of Mr. Maputi (my adviser). Perhaps, because of that person, I am what I am now. Sorry Sir for being hard-headed and the worst student (I think) you ever had (In return, you've been my worst critic also when I was in high school). But now I'll say, "Thank you so much, Sir!" Hehe...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh my God I'm so inspired today.... hehehe.. I think i already found my "Mr. Right"... chakz! But still focuse lang japon ko sa akong studies..... hehehe

Friday, September 11, 2009


Hala siya.... Honestly, dili jud ayo ko kabalo mugamit ug computer...hahaha..kawawang nilalang...
but guess what, naka-butang ko ug slide-show... niya wajudkokabalo gi-unsa to nako.. wahaha! I'm proud of myself... nalupig nako si Catherine...hahaha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best Wishes


He is the sunshine that lights my whole life
A flash in the moonbeam bright
He is the blue that frames a clear sky
And makes the bird fly up high.

He's like a word that grants a meaning
And yield a happy ending
He makes my life in such a smooth way
Although its rough day by day.

He is the answer in my prayers at day & nighttime
And turn my world seem bright
He is such a thing worth remembering
And it is he that makes my everything...