Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stupido Ragazzo
By Lycel

Its a stupid feeling when you're so desperate to consume a pretty damn cute thing but you're heart is too damn scared to know the answer- that you can never ever do it.

During my elementary days, I felt so happy whenever I have a liquid eraser. It feels good to have such a thing that you know many of your classmates does not have it and its nice to hear that they'll be obsessed begging to borrow it. (hehe... what a girl?)

However, this concept changed through the days because several of my classmates bought their own liquid eraser and forgetting me as the founder... The first one to have it... (hehe... again).

Through the days, I realized I can't consume all of it on my own. So, I found myself pretending to have an erasure and blot it using my liquid. Just like fooling myself, there's no page in my notebook without a white paint in it but still, it never got empty. "I'll throw it away,"I said. I'm not happy any longer using it.

As I stepped on my college life, and striving to have a better grade in my Typing Lessons, I was pissed off with my stupid hands because every now and then, I commit errors that certainly I was not pretending with. Until that day came, I noticed that my liquid eraser was empty. My gass! I still have many erasures, how am I gonna deal with it?

That time, I felt so numb... But even so, I could still feel my success in consuming it all without any pretentious intent. Hehe... Success!!!