Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yaw-yaw 101

I made this post for some good reasons and good realizations.

First, to update my long-time-no-post blog.

I know it’s been a long time that I wasn’t able to visit you and share to you my day to day experiences– the way my other colleagues are doing. Approximately, it’s been five months that I seemed to forget you. Honestly, those long months that passed didn’t come to me as stressful as it is before. Yet I wasn't able to take a break and post something just to update you. I’m sorry. I remembered; I made an excuse letter before saying I’ll do my best just to make it up to you. Just then, I broke the agreement. So now I’ll say, I’m gonna update you if I want to. Aw? Hehe:). Bitaw, please don’t think that I failed to remember you anymore. Please bear in mind that you’re still my one and only diary. My friend, who’s always willing to listen to my chit-chats, may it be pleasing or not. I hope someday, I can change your template– just like a friend, buying her pal a new dress to fit in.

Second, to give justice to the pictures that we took during our Foodnet escapade with my Nag-iisang Maot ng buhay ko, Labz, Beybz, Baby ko? Aw? Haha.

Aren’t they nice? What added to its appeal is that, it was first edited before it was uploaded. However, even if adobe is not used, undoubtedly, I’m still cute. Aw? Haha.

Proving that, pictures pa lang, nag-istorya nah, I won’t leave any phrase about this. Just take a look and see its wonder. Aw? Hehe.

Third, it’s my way to thank him and to show to him that I appreciated everything he had done, hasn’t done and yet to be done. Aw? Unsa daw? Haha.

Before I’ll go to my appreciation proper, I wanna say sorry for being childish and naughty every time. I know you’re always saying that you’ll accept me for whoever and whatever I am, but behind it, I can see that you’re wishing upon every falling star– awaiting the day that I’ll change those. I’m sorry. Ganito na siguro ako. Pumuti man o maging purple ang uwak.
Have you remembered the day you said, you still need to remind me so I can utter the words I love you? I’m sorry if I sometimes failed to say those. I’m not that showy. But you see; I’m trying my best to utter it so I won’t upset you. Effort na kau ko ana bai! Hehe.

How about the day you said, “Maldita kayu ka. Pinaka-maldita sa tanang maldita.” Haha. I keep on telling you that I was suppose to get mad after you intentionally stressed this statement. That was a mere thought. I suddenly realized that you’re right. I spilled out and just laughed my heart out. Ganito na ang bagong henerasyon. Sadya lang tumatawa ‘pag napapagalitan.
Honestly, I was ashamed for being one. Especially that you uttered it to me face to face. But you gave me enough reason to not be. Thank you for that. Now, I always make the first move saying, “Maldita kayu ko sa?” While I was expecting that you’ll answer, “Dili man tanto.” Well, I’m gonna train myself to not expect any longer. Because every time I do, I always come home disappointed with your, “May kay kabalo ka.” Haha.

Well, that’s actually what I like about you– your being true to yourself and the people around you. Hmmm…
Who would ever forget my ultra hapak, mega ganut and super kusi? I know it has been my trademark. I keep on doing it; without me even reminded of your, “Sakit na kayu maot.” I remember what Kuya Justin said. “Walay maka-antos nimung laki.” Adding to it was Tonio’s, “Hikti ang kamot.” Haha. Anyhow, ‘panu ba naman tayo aabot ng isang buwan; kung ‘di ka naka-tiis sa’kin? Haha.
Hadn’t you noticed? Whenever, we’re out together, I always wouldn’t forget to say thank you every time that day ends. There’s nothing wrong about it. It’s just that, you’re always thinking that I am referring to your libres. Well I’m telling you it’s not. It’s specifically deliberated for you. May you have done something special or not, your presence is just worth gratifying for.
I know my Thank you is just an understatement compared to everything that you had done. But, I just want you to know that it’s not just my way of being grateful. Conversely, kalakip na rin dun ang, ‘sa uulitin ha?’ Aw? Haha.

Fourth, to prove to him that I am not taking him for granted and that I cherish every single day that we’re together.

I know it’s awful to take a few weeks before a girlfriend could change her Facebook status– especially bearing the fact that she has got thousand chances to log in, in that social networking site. Sorry na gud? Anyhow, I already told you the reason why. And thanks for understanding.
Please don’t think nga gi-kaulaw tikaw. ‘Cause every time you do, you make me feel that I’m the worst girlfriend ever. Take note, why would I go out with you, if that is true? Daghan sa tiyangge ang atong nawung. Pero sige lamang, masuroy bitaw japun. Hehe.

Fifth, to share with everyone our moment’s [see pictures] together.
Hehe. Like you care?

Sixth, just to reminisce the days that we’re both happy.

When I’m with you. I’ll make every second count ‘cause I miss you. Aw? Haha. Lalala.

Finally, to discuss to my second family [TN], the reason I wasn’t able to make it up to our meeting.
I was absent last meeting because I was with… you know nah! Hehe. Pag-pasensyahan niyu na po. First birthday po namin yun, eh? Hehe.

P.S. There’s a lot more that I still want to relate. But I think taas na kayu siya. Hehe.

I hope after I made this post, nothing will ever change. And you’ll stay the same Maot, I once knew. Thank you! I love you…

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wake me up when September ends...

Hai... September is coming to an end. But I'm still trapped with so many projects and activities both in my minor and major subjects.

Just yesterday, we held our practical examination in P.E. Though bearing the fact that all of us put our best foot forward during the performance, it was not an assurance that all of us passed it. Now, we are still crossing our fingers for the announcement of our grades this coming Wednesday. On the same day, we are also asked to perform our interpretative dance. (waz pa jud me ka-praktis hangtud karun. Tomorrow na ang presentation. Gosh!)

This coming Friday, we will have our long examination in Finance 141. The term long isn't just enough to describe it, since our teacher told us that she will start from the very beginning of our discussion. Not only that, we will have our final examination in our Econ next week. Sad to say that I don't have complete notes in these subjects. oooh my gass...

This Saturday, we will present our drama in English. I still haven't borrowed a gown and most of all, still haven't memorized my lines. Three days after the play, I am going to present my speech. That day is also the deadline of our project in Management. We haven't started it yet. WTF!

Next week, Monday... Our instructor will check our notebooks in Socio. Wee! Wala pako ka-copy.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a thought...

Just when I thought that I'm almost done with my tasks in school, it was then that I realized that I'm still stuck with so many obligations both in and outside the campus.

September 16, deadline of our magazine project
September 25, drama in English
September 28, speech in English still
Last week of September, deadline of our project in Management with which, I don't have any idea how to start it when in fact, I am chosen as the leader of the group. awtz!:(

Not only that, I still have to memorize my lines in our play as well as my three-minute speech. Gosh?! September is really a month of cramming. Good thing, someone came and helped me make my BCS project. At least, the burden was lessen. Thanks to him! weh??

I just hope that I can make these all before the deadline... Sighs...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is this what they call a stalker??

Since the day that you accepted my friend request, I just couldn't resist to view your pics in your account. Why oh, why? I keep on asking myself why is this feeling had developed into something I never expect with. How I wish I never met you. How I wish I never had a crush on you. How I wish this silly thing would end now. How I wish this feeling would not attempt to grow anymore... How I wish... (sighs)

Perhaps, I was able to say this because, I don't want to be a stalker... rather, I wanna be stalked.. aw?? haha:) haha:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Excuse Letter:)

Dear Blog,

How are you? I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it in the blogosphere daily. I had been so busy these past few days, to the point that I am not taking my lunches anymore just to accomplish my assignments.

Anyways, I have a good news for you. I am half-way finish with my project in my major subject as well as in BCS. I am also done with my assignments in my most mind-boggling subject (Accounting). You see? I'm trying my best to make it up to you. So, don't be sad. Awh? haha.. o.a, o.a nah.. haha

Another thing is, I was able to chat with my crush last Saturday. It was just so timing since that day was his birthday. And know what? During our class in Socio, he sweetly patted my head and touched my hair while saying "Tenchu, Tenchu." Ahhh... How sweet? haha...

I still have so many secrets to reveal, but I'm sorry. It's 2:30 already. Time for my English class.

Hanggang dito nalang.

Missing you,
LyceL Cute:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So disgusting. Imagine. We were given four days by our instructor to prepare for our Chapter test. Four days... and yet I have done nothing. Well, imbibe the consequence dear. That's what being a procrastinator is all about.

I already felt the nerve. Well, what's the point of feeling confident when in fact, I haven't study or even scan my notes. Feeler ra kaayo ko. Haha!

Anyways, all is said and done. Whatever the result maybe, (pero sure ko nga hagbung jud ko. ahw? Haha!) I'm still thankful to my seatmate, for letting me copy some of my unanswered numbers. Thanks to her! Bara Ibara ra ni siya Dai. I promise, I'll study hard for the next exam.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I had always believed that keys pave their way on opening locked doors; conversely, because of that key, I wasted a barrel of tears and locked a relationship with my older brother.

I was supposed to believe that it was a peaceful evening. I was texting my soon to be sister in law when suddenly, my brother intently throw before me the metal key that he had been looking for, for almost three days already. (By the way, he used to bring that key because he always come home late.) He had been so suspicious that I was really the one who stole and kept it. Everytime we meet, he always give me those piercing eyes, like he wanted to eat me- fully.

"I didn't get it. Maybe you just misplaced it."– This statement is also what I had been repeating but he just couldn't believe me. He is really like that. He used to stick on his thoughts even if it's obvious that he is wrong. He is hot headed- as always. I can even rarely see him smiling on us. But with her girlfriend around, naku! Abot-tenga ang ngiti.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, a million thanks to Lola. The punches and slaps that was supposed to be mine was given to her. Ahhh... kawawa naman si Lola. Well, it only proves that she really cares for me. This scenario has also been recurring for I think, 12 years already, from the time that I celebrated my Awareness Day. Thanks La! You're the best...

Until now, my relationship with my brother is still unfixed. However, I believe that this is for the better for I know that, mag-sumpaki lang japun me. Mas maayo pang dili nalang me mag-tagdanay para magpabiling mingaw ang payag. Hahai!

Friday, August 27, 2010

How do I breathe without you here by my side? How will I see when your love brought me to the light? Where do I go when your heart's where I lay my head? When you're not with me, how do I breathe, how do I breathe?

It feels so different being here,
I was so used to being next to you,
Life for me is not the same,
There's no one to turn to.
I don't know why I let it go too far,
Starting over - it's so hard.
Seems like everywhere I try to go,
I keep thinking of you.

I just had a wake up call,
Wishing that I never let you fall,
Baby you are not to blame at all.
when I'm the one that pushed you away.
Baby if you knew I cared,
You'd have never went nowhere (nowhere),
Girl I should've been right there.

How do I breathe
Without you here by my side?
How will I see
When your love brought me to the light?
Where do I go
When your heart's where I lay my head?
When you're not with me,
How do I breathe?
How do I breathe?

Girl I'm losin' my mind.
Yes I made a mistake.
I thought that you would be mine.
Guess the joke was on me.
I miss you so bad, I can't sleep.
I wish I knew where you could be.
Another dude is replacing me,
God this can't be happening.

I just had a wake up call (call),
Wishing that I never let you fall (fall),
Baby you are not to blame at all.
When I'm the one that pushed you away
Baby if you knew I cared (cared),
You'd have never went nowhere (nowhere),
Girl I should've been right there.

(And I wonder...)
How do I breathe
Without you here by my side?
How will I see
When your love brought me to the light?
Where do I go
When your heart's where I lay my head?
When you're not with me (I'm saying),
How do I breathe?
How do I breathe?

I can't get over you, no
Baby I don't wanna let go, no
Girl you need to come home
Girl come back to me
'Cause girl you made it hard to breathe
When you're not with me.

(Tell me)
How do I breathe
Without you here by my side?
How will I see
When your love brought me to the light?
Where do I go (where do I, where do I go)
When your heart's where I lay my head?
When you're not with me,
How do I breathe?

How do I breathe?
[Some speaking starts]
Without you here by my side?
How will I see (how will I see)
When your love brought me to the light (baby, baby)?
Where do I go (where do)
When your heart's where I lay my head?
When you're not with me (you're not with me),
How do I breathe (how do I breathe)?
How do I breathe?

Make sense?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

With nothing but my t-shirt on...

Nothing to lose! Today, I am task by my teacher in Socio to report the other socializing agencies of Socialization. Nervousness run through my veins as I and Donna set our visual aids in the blackboard.

But before that, this feeling started as I was walking towards our classroom. My world turned in slow motion when I saw my crush. He appeared to be the Waze Lei in Meteor Garden due to his pose. While his leg is resting on the floor, the other one is bent and positioned on the wall while he was reading his notes. What makes the show more interesting was that, he stop reading, stood up, and stare at me as I was taking my uneasy steps.

I suppose, this guy isn't just MY crush because it seems as though, all of my girl classmates were hooked on his "chinito and seryoso" aura.

My once calm knees became tense. My steps eventually became light and springy. I continue walking as if those looks don't mean anything to me. Hmmm...

I headed straight to the door and opened it. To my surprise, my crush followed me and we entered the classroom together. Weee!

Donna was able to witness the show. She then teased me saying, "Uy kilig, uy kinikilig!" I was supposed to get angry and intimidated with her jokes. But with the kind of joke that she thrown on me, it appeared to be a lucky charm and encouraged me to strike a good pose and be good with my report.

As I was imagining myself talking in front while my crush is listening to me intently, I was disturbed by a girl who recently passed by. Oh my gas! What the? We both wore the same t-shirt. Same brand, same color, same size and perhaps, same purchased in Lee Plaza worth P79.95.

A classmate directly noticed us. I wanted him to shut up so that my crush won't notice it. But no matter what I do, he just couldn't stop his mockery. I don't want to be angry. "I will just leave a negative impression towards my crush," I said to myself. So, I took it as a good sport, and join with the laughter.

The roll was so swift. I just realized it begun just when Donna had already finished her report. And so, it was my time. I first glanced at him and started my report. I wonder why I felt so panic when in fact, I never suffer like this before.

Each time I glimpse at him, I grasped his wonderful eyes and perfect smile. What I picture out lately was realized. I was so happy! He really is listening to me intently. Oh God! Pigilan mo'ko! Pigilan mo'ko!

I ended my report with a simple glance at him. Still, I was able to capture his stunning looks.

"That was a very good report," Dr. Tan asserted. What happened summed up my happiness.

I realized, daydreaming isn't that bad just as long as you know from the start that it would really ensue. hehe:)) And even if I wore an identical t-shirt with my classmate, I know that she will never get identical stare from the guy I call my ultimate crush.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The first time I saw you, I thought you were good-looking. But I finally came to my senses. "Papalapit nang papalapit, pumapangit." That's what you are. AWH...TCH...

(That pangit term doesn't really mean that he looks one. I just don't like him. Nothing else.)

I can still vividly remember, it was a cold Wednesday morning. I wasn't able to wake up early because, the meeting last Tuesday was so long that it took us 48 years until it finally adjourned. (awh? uber!) And since it's a chilly weather, my biological clock accentuated with it.

While going to school, I already apprehended that I'll be late with my 7AM P.E class. And so was it. But despite the thought, I still joined it considering the fact that, checking of attendance will be at the end of the class.

I was late. I headed at the last column. I was expecting that no one will partner with me since I was late and there is scarcity of boys in our time. Luckily, a boy approached me and muttered that he will be my partner.

Yes! His good in memorizing steps. He was the one who taught me with those irritating steps of CariƱosa. Though the fact that I hate dancing traditional dances, I welcomed it with a smile delight because my partner is good with it.

Until that day came. A realization knocked at my door when he partner with me again that Monday morning even if he knows that someone is beside me already waiting to be my partner.

That was the first thing that made me irritate with his presence. Before our practice started, he asked me with so many questions like, what's my name, what's my course, what's my vacant time, what time will I go home, etc.

My classmates even teased us because they noticed that this boy looked at me straightly and asked me intently. "Uy! Getting to know each other," they asserted. Duh! Whatever!

Wednesday came. I decided to absent in our class because my P.E shirt and short is still wet. And chiefly because, I don't want to see that boy-- ever again. Seeing him would surely spoil my day.

In the afternoon, I and a friend of mine decided to take our snacks near the CIT. We were so blissful then. Talking with so many things that happened that day. After we took our snacks, we directly departed-- still laughing. Until we realized that someone is walking after us. When I look back, I was stunned to know that my P.E classmate and a friend of him is after us. Oh my! What the?

We walk faster then I proceeded to the TN office so that he cannot follow anymore.

I then shared to my friend the infuriating story. Apparently, she was more displeased than I do. Awh:)

Well then, I hope that mammal won't disturb me anymore. Please Lord, help me find my soul-partner. A gay would do...

Also, help him to search his new partner, Lord. But please don't allow him to choose me again. huhu:(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Actress in a Pretending Show

Acting has always been my worst nightmare.

I had always believed that I don't have the talent when it comes to acting. Since elementary, I just used to be the narrator or an extra-extra character of our play.

Looking back, I was once appointed by my teacher to play the role of Sisa in "Sisa and her Sons."-- way back when I was in grade four. She lets me to practice in front of my boastful classmates.

"Basilio! Crispin! My sons. Where are you?" I yelled.

Standing in front of, more or less fifty pairs of eyes, I'm really having a hard time making my performance the way my teacher is expecting. But no matter what I do, and no matter how much effort I exerted, it always end up in failure. Hence, at the end of the day, she chose another pupil to play as Sisa, and poor Lycel as JUST the narrator.

However, on a brighter side, even if I was replaced to act the main character of the show, I'm still happy because through that, I know that our presentation will be better. Far off when it was pursued as me as Sisa.

Unfortunately for me, this dilemma seems to repeat itself. Last Tuesday, I was selected by our leader in our English class to take the role of Laura in our Florante at Laura-like drama. I never know what is his basis in choosing me as one.

Before the selection proper, I already expected that I'm gonna play the less significant character of the story. On the other hand, he chose me as my most hated position of the show.

"You'll play the main character," he asserted. "So, be good," he added.

I don't know how to react. I was tongue-tied when his words stoke my ego. I was really hesitant to do it. Feels like, a heavy burden is set on my shoulders. And I don't have the idea how to go on. Especially when Ma'am Divinagracia told us that a grade of one will be the grade of all and our presentation will surely be the first and the last.

Despite these tingling thoughts, I still manage to smile. Pretending to be fine but in reality, was really hesitant to make it. Convincing myself that I was chosen as Laura because I'm the cutest of all the members of the group. Or, everything will be okay because I know Forante is good-looking-- like me. Wiw! Oh God!

Since my nightmare is repeating, I'm also hoping that I will be replaced by someone better.

So, help me God...

Friday, August 13, 2010

We are all but like bubbles in a huge basin – beautiful to look at but sensitive to touch. Too bad, your bubble was the first to pop before everyone else’s did. Farewell couz. We will miss you!

My childhood days were colored with fun and games. My usual playmates were my cousins. We loved to play “balay-balay” under an old santol tree beside the ancestral house of my grandma. We would also ride on our bicycles and play hide-and-seek.Unfortunately, I can’t always play with my favorite pal since he is living in However, if he will have a chance to visit me, we will play to our utmost potential since we both know that the time for us to see each other again is far off.When I stepped on my second year high school, I felt a strange feeling towards him. A feeling that I am sure I hadn’t felt before. When I was younger, I thought that we were of the same age and we will get old together. We will do the same things, in the same manner, in the same time. Conversely, I realized that he got mature faster than I thought he would. He became used to do the things, which I believe only mature people can do. I felt I was so left out. But despite that, I still considered him as my best pal.Within those days, I apprehended that I must act like a full-grown being too. In the same light, during those times, I engaged in affiliations because I thought, that would be my evidence to prove that I am finally a mature person.Unluckily, I suffered stern heartaches because of engaging into a serious relationship. I gave him the love that he deserved from me but it ended up in a fiasco since he can’t even take me seriously. One night, while being emotional about what happened, he surprised me by entering into my room without any permission. Being astonished, I was tongue-tied with his presence. To my surprise, I cannot find the words that I need to say. It’s as if I was left out by a new civilization that I was not able to defend myself and narrate why I acted that way. He approached me by singing “First love, never dies!” I was hell lot intimidated and I couldn’t find any angle to shield myself from such mock. From then on, when we meet at random places, he would sing that song with such intent of irritating me. Still, starting that time, he began calling me “gwapa.” Maybe because he just wanted to take back all the irritations that I felt every time he teased me. I didn’t mind to react at all. Days later, I just found out that we were able to regain the bond that we had before.

Hours became days and weeks became months yet we stayed the same. We still can’t see each other that often but I still considered him as my best friend. I started learning to live my every day life without his presence. But yes! Missing him can never be out of the show.

Until one morning, I was outraged by the news of Lola. “Dodong met an accident. He’s in the Holy Child hospital right now,” she muttered.“Let’s go apo and visit your cousin,” she added.I dreaded the thought of going with her in the hospital. I thought that was just a mild motor accident that anybody else could have ever experienced. “No, Lola. I don’t feel like going. I’d rather stay home,” I asserted. While watching TV, I was disturbed by a beep from my cell phone. It was my brother’s name who flashed on the screen. “Tell papa to come here in the hospital. Dodong is severely wounded and his right ear is incessantly bleeding. Tell him to come immediately before everything is too late.” I was struck by a tremendous shock. I ran straight to Papa and told him about it. I went together with him, without even remembering that I hadn’t taken a bath that day. We instantly drove to Child Hospital and hastily went to the ICU where we caught him half dead and hopeless. I can’t look at him straightly because it seems like we’re now just waiting for his time to bid goodbye.

A scornful sorrow enveloped my whole being. I never wanted to think of entailing hurtful goodbyes to him. I never wanted to be away from him. I never wanted to see him endure the pain. I never wanted to see my aunt and uncle weep because of him. I never wanted to witness the sadness of our whole family. Most of all, I never wanted not to see him anymore, again.

That afternoon, Auntie, Uncle, Fey (Dodong’s girlfriend not her real name), Jade (my nephew) and I were all together called by the physician. Tensions flew through my veins as we entered his office. With a saddened voice, the doctor began to speak.“Are you his sister?” he asked me.“No, doc. I’m his cousin,” I replied.

Series of questions were raised by the doctor and then finally he uttered, “The only chance for him to survive is through a miracle. But like it or not, there’s a big possibility that he will not make it.” His statement was as fast as lightning and as painful as a dagger pierced through the left ventricle.

Tears ran down from Auntie’s face. “Is there anything you could still do, Doc?”

Auntie sat down with a sorrowful face. “We’ll pay you any amount. Just save my son. Please,” she begged.

“Even if you’ll bring him to the best physician, most probably, the outcome would still be the same,” he frankly answered.

We hopelessly went out of his office – all drowning in a river of frustration and reluctance.

All of us proceeded to the ICU and cried our hearts out. I was more concerned of Auntie since it would be her birthday the next day. She sat beside me, crying hardly. Words were but hard to utter. All I could manage to do was cry and share with the whole family the worst summer vacation we had ever experienced.

That day finally came. The sun was still shining brightly. Everything about Dodong seemed like framed hopes. Perhaps, it would be more reasonable to accept his fate.

Happily eating lunch with Fey and my other cousins were me and my family. She blissfully shared their episodes in the past and the things that they once dreamed together. Though she appeared joyful with our forum, I can still see through her eyes the beam of longing and despair.

After lunch, we went back to the ICU, still happy exchanging conversations ‘til we realized that Dodong’s recovery rate, blood pressure and heart rate continued to go down. All of us began to panic.

A physician and two other nurses came in. I went out of the room and prayed hardly, hoping that he would survive and recover. Just then, the doctor came out and announced that he’s gone – gone for good.

Everybody stumbled in great depression, especially Auntie. I could never imagine my once playful cousin has now left us. If only we knew that this would happen, we could have saved him from where he is right now. But time flies so fast. And so does life. His candle has finally melted, leaving us total darkness.

Until now, I can still barely accept the reality. I miss him so much. Waking up each morning while shaking those stresses away and knowing that I will never wake up again seeing him smile at me would seem to drown me in an ocean of soreness

“I remembered your bright smile towards me. The way you tap my back and the compliment you specially created for me each time you see me make my project. I’ll never forget your voice and I’ll especially miss your unique way of calling me gwapa. Too bad, no one could ever call me gwapa just like how you called me.

Now all I can do is just miss you. I am missing every single detail that signifies your personality. But then, I know you’re happy with God right now. And I’m still thankful that He let me experience fond memories with you.”

Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking One Step Closer to Mother Nature

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at 9:07 am
By The NORSUnian
Filed under Feature

In a recent post by, a discovery regarding the humongous humpback whale making a huge contribution to the environment by absorbing great amounts of CO2 through its feces intrigued us. Great! The whales are starting to use their minute brains in helping the environment. What about the human beings, who, as a matter of fact, have been considered as the highest class of specie created by God? What have they done to save Mother Earth?

The half-day tour in the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences and the A.Y. Reyes Zoological and Botanical Garden became an eye opener to us being mediocre campus journalists. The sights and wonders provided us bits and pieces of the puzzle that brought us to a deliberate realization of environmental concern and intervention.

A Deep Plunge with a Deeper Thought

Welcome to The Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences of Silurian University. Enjoy your tour!

Cold-blooded crocodiles like this one prefer to remain stationary in order to maintain body warmth.

This virgin marine scenario might not be the same picture ten years later.

A Bask of Mother Nature’s Pride

Over the years, we have been taught that our once rich and prosperous forests are now turned into denuded ones. Our once wild and extravagant animals are now threatened to habitat loss and are dwindling in numbers. And maybe extinction will be their next stage in life.

With this how can we, humans, help in the preservation of these animate beings?

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the A.Y. Reyes Zoological and Botanical Garden.

Philippine spotted deer- At the first view, they can be described as shameful of the people, but on the brighter side, they are also amiable and are unabashed when it comes to cameras. During our tour, we were lectured that instead of having horns, they have the so called antlers. The more its branches, the older it is.

Visayan warty pig- Like the Philippine spotted deer; one of their features also indicates the number of their existence. Their stiff spikey hair designates their age.

Bleeding heart pigeon- What amazed us during the trip was when we were told about their methodology of courtship in which they will have only one mate for the rest of their life.

Hornbill- Characterized by long, down-curved bill, they are entitled as a perfect lover because like the bleeding heart pigeon, they are also destined to one devotee for all of its living.

Macaque Monkey- They are one of the best species of Old World Monkeys. When a person sees a monkey, he usually compares it to one of his companies and teases him as one of its races.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stupid Me
By grapes

“You can tell me that there’s nobody else (but I feel it). You can tell me that you’re home by yourself (but I see it). You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want but I know… I know your love is just a lie.”

These lines from the song Your Love is just a Lie by Simple Plan simply explicate the feeling of being cheated by someone whom you’ve shown love and trust; yet turned out to be something far from what you’ve prayed and hoped for.

Self-centered, supercilious, scornful- that’s what my close friends distinct me. Of course I do have a reason why I am like this. Mainly because I had more than enough of being hurt, maybe because I don’t want to suffer the nature of being fooled, perhaps because I was intimidated for searching another one to fill and replace my past lover, and generally because, I don’t want to feel the pain that once bounded my heart from the time I appoint into having relationships.

Ever since, I had been hesitant to speak what I am going through. I am afraid that they would call me weak and pathetic- for short, I had been so synthetic about my thoughts. However, life has its own way of teaching me to address and show what I really feel. Yes! I was badly hurt. I know what I feel is. Though I bear in mind not to engage in serious affiliation, to avoid being hurt, I still find myself barely breathing and could hardly imbibe the potion of pain.

One day I thought, it would have been better if we’re mutual with each other, that I am giving and getting equal love. This is the hardest equation Math could never solve for. If only I knew, all these things would happen; I’d rather Ctrl+Z or undo it all.

Every time we will have the chance to be together, I thought it would paint a smile on my face. I thought it would slip off my busy days. I thought his love was a chaste but it’s now time for me not be blinded with all these lies and misconceptions. I need to save myself.

Pain endures. Grief and revenge engulfed my heart. Sometimes I deliberate, he just stayed with me because I am like this, and I am like that. Oftentimes I feel insecure every moment he shares about his erstwhile lovers and inevitably comparing me with them. Although I know all these things would drown me in a river of regrets and reluctance, I still manage to smile and listen while my heart slowly and continuously breaks.

One day I suppose, it was just a day to spend our time together. To talk about our standing and forget all odds behind us; conversely, I was surprised with the fact that, he was busy having a conversation with his former classmate, recalling their histories in high school, joking with each other, relishing their blissful moments while I saw myself just standing behind the corner, counting for some motorcycles and pedicabs to pass by. Certainly I could feel, I was so op. I can’t handle it any longer. So, I decided to tell him, I need to study for we will have an exam.

It was rumored that he was dating with another girl. It started when my cousin saw them together. It even hurt me though it was a mere rumor. How much more if I will be the one to see it- face to face? She then directly asked me, why of all those guys who have shown interest in me, he was the one I chose? I tried to fuss. I insisted not to believe her for my loyalty and trust is within him.

Until one day, truth unveiled. My cousin and a friend attended a procession. They personally spotted this guy and that girl together in the same place and narrated that the boy pretended not to see them.

Thank God! I wasn’t able to attend that procession. Probably, I’ll endure the temperament of stern pain. What makes it more painful is that, that day was supposed to be our fourth monthsary. Four months being fooled and cheated.

I was silent for a moment. I tried to scent and sip the savor of being a loser. I tried to blink, to blur those visions away. I shed a tear, of course. Valentine’s Day was approaching and so was my birthday. Definitely, I will never have much luck in love. Nevertheless, it was just love. And just like what I read from a section of a paper, “Valentine’s Day, like any other special day, will be gone in 24 hours anyway- like most men I’ve fallen in love with.”

Loveless or Lovey Dovey, I still have the right to enjoy February.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spic and Span
by LyceL

Everyday is a good day. Never waste a single moment without having fun of your friends, love ones and special someone, making it worthwhile and grabbing the satisfaction that we are all begging for. No wonder, if it already passed, it will never be taken back.

“Life has always been like this,” I said. Everyday is a tiring journey. Each day, I felt so sad and lonely. Day by day, I found myself so stuck with school stuffs—without having an inspiration—someone who’ll stir me up of all my problems, someone who’ll show enthusiasm despite my exhausting activities, and someone who’ll serve as my inspiration in my day to day journey. Inside me is the feeling of being tired of everything.

Though all of this seems to drown me in a river of pressure and frustration, one day, I realized that this should not allow me to- that I should have the time for myself to enjoy and have fun and most of all, be part of something that I know I will be happy.

Sought with this thought, I decided to be part of the TN, where of course I know that I’m not the best of all. But still I considered myself as a little speck—yet too cheerful that at least I exist and did something right for myself. However, this perception changed through as I first started my life in TN. Pressures here and there, pressures everywhere. Thinking that, joining seems to add pressures in my life.

Aside from this, my social life has also begun to rupture. I had no other friends except for the TN staffs and some close classmates. Even my relationship with my special someone has sprouted into seedlings of uncertainties and spore of idleness. Well then, I realized the consequences. Truth hurts. I should accept all the pressures rushing through my veins and yes! I believe that I had.