Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Actress in a Pretending Show

Acting has always been my worst nightmare.

I had always believed that I don't have the talent when it comes to acting. Since elementary, I just used to be the narrator or an extra-extra character of our play.

Looking back, I was once appointed by my teacher to play the role of Sisa in "Sisa and her Sons."-- way back when I was in grade four. She lets me to practice in front of my boastful classmates.

"Basilio! Crispin! My sons. Where are you?" I yelled.

Standing in front of, more or less fifty pairs of eyes, I'm really having a hard time making my performance the way my teacher is expecting. But no matter what I do, and no matter how much effort I exerted, it always end up in failure. Hence, at the end of the day, she chose another pupil to play as Sisa, and poor Lycel as JUST the narrator.

However, on a brighter side, even if I was replaced to act the main character of the show, I'm still happy because through that, I know that our presentation will be better. Far off when it was pursued as me as Sisa.

Unfortunately for me, this dilemma seems to repeat itself. Last Tuesday, I was selected by our leader in our English class to take the role of Laura in our Florante at Laura-like drama. I never know what is his basis in choosing me as one.

Before the selection proper, I already expected that I'm gonna play the less significant character of the story. On the other hand, he chose me as my most hated position of the show.

"You'll play the main character," he asserted. "So, be good," he added.

I don't know how to react. I was tongue-tied when his words stoke my ego. I was really hesitant to do it. Feels like, a heavy burden is set on my shoulders. And I don't have the idea how to go on. Especially when Ma'am Divinagracia told us that a grade of one will be the grade of all and our presentation will surely be the first and the last.

Despite these tingling thoughts, I still manage to smile. Pretending to be fine but in reality, was really hesitant to make it. Convincing myself that I was chosen as Laura because I'm the cutest of all the members of the group. Or, everything will be okay because I know Forante is good-looking-- like me. Wiw! Oh God!

Since my nightmare is repeating, I'm also hoping that I will be replaced by someone better.

So, help me God...