Friday, February 21, 2014

For you mahal :)

Happy Monthsary! :)
“Why?” He asked. “Is there someone else?” He added, looking so puzzled. “Of course none! What are you?” I immediately replied. “Then why?” He insisted.

But that conversation appeared to be so uneasy to me. I just couldn't put into words what my mind dictated. Not only that. I’m too afraid if I’d burst into tears if I tried to speak.

“That’s… just it” I said, my voice now trembling.

Just then painful silence enveloped us. Tears welled up his eyes. I said no words but that stillness simply moved and hit him. He pleaded, begged and embraced me for the nth time but no, the situation seemed to no longer promise us a smooth relationship.

Series of tears effortlessly run through his cheeks. Seeing him like that subtlety crushed my heart. This isn't supposed to happen. I love him, I really do but I’m just too tired to fight at the moment that if he signaled to let go then I’d be more than willing to let him.

"I'm serious you know that, don't you?" I reassured.

“I can’t. I just… can’t,” he said while another bunch of tears journeyed down his face. Calmness in between us followed.

I don’t know what came to my senses but I tightly hugged and cradled him like a baby. This time, he went even harder.

Thus was four days ago. Now? We're celebrating our seventeenth month together. Yahoo! :-D

Mahal ko? I love you… this big. I’m sorry, I've gone coward that time. I’m sorry for the times I got so boring and superficial. I’m so sorry for those tears. I’m so sorry that I could not think of any peace offering to justify the shed tears. I'm even sorry for this dull post. Believe me, I tried hard to steal the silence between us but I chose to not to utter a thing because I knew I’ll regret them onwards. Never will I give up on us, mylove. Not anymore. I hope you will too.

Happy Seventeenth Monthsary Mahal! Nakasala ko maong gabinut-an ko or whatever that is you’re thinking, ikaw bahala. Basta love kaayu tikaw. God could testify that.