Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yaw-yaw 101

I made this post for some good reasons and good realizations.

First, to update my long-time-no-post blog.

I know it’s been a long time that I wasn’t able to visit you and share to you my day to day experiences– the way my other colleagues are doing. Approximately, it’s been five months that I seemed to forget you. Honestly, those long months that passed didn’t come to me as stressful as it is before. Yet I wasn't able to take a break and post something just to update you. I’m sorry. I remembered; I made an excuse letter before saying I’ll do my best just to make it up to you. Just then, I broke the agreement. So now I’ll say, I’m gonna update you if I want to. Aw? Hehe:). Bitaw, please don’t think that I failed to remember you anymore. Please bear in mind that you’re still my one and only diary. My friend, who’s always willing to listen to my chit-chats, may it be pleasing or not. I hope someday, I can change your template– just like a friend, buying her pal a new dress to fit in.

Second, to give justice to the pictures that we took during our Foodnet escapade with my Nag-iisang Maot ng buhay ko, Labz, Beybz, Baby ko? Aw? Haha.

Aren’t they nice? What added to its appeal is that, it was first edited before it was uploaded. However, even if adobe is not used, undoubtedly, I’m still cute. Aw? Haha.

Proving that, pictures pa lang, nag-istorya nah, I won’t leave any phrase about this. Just take a look and see its wonder. Aw? Hehe.

Third, it’s my way to thank him and to show to him that I appreciated everything he had done, hasn’t done and yet to be done. Aw? Unsa daw? Haha.

Before I’ll go to my appreciation proper, I wanna say sorry for being childish and naughty every time. I know you’re always saying that you’ll accept me for whoever and whatever I am, but behind it, I can see that you’re wishing upon every falling star– awaiting the day that I’ll change those. I’m sorry. Ganito na siguro ako. Pumuti man o maging purple ang uwak.
Have you remembered the day you said, you still need to remind me so I can utter the words I love you? I’m sorry if I sometimes failed to say those. I’m not that showy. But you see; I’m trying my best to utter it so I won’t upset you. Effort na kau ko ana bai! Hehe.

How about the day you said, “Maldita kayu ka. Pinaka-maldita sa tanang maldita.” Haha. I keep on telling you that I was suppose to get mad after you intentionally stressed this statement. That was a mere thought. I suddenly realized that you’re right. I spilled out and just laughed my heart out. Ganito na ang bagong henerasyon. Sadya lang tumatawa ‘pag napapagalitan.
Honestly, I was ashamed for being one. Especially that you uttered it to me face to face. But you gave me enough reason to not be. Thank you for that. Now, I always make the first move saying, “Maldita kayu ko sa?” While I was expecting that you’ll answer, “Dili man tanto.” Well, I’m gonna train myself to not expect any longer. Because every time I do, I always come home disappointed with your, “May kay kabalo ka.” Haha.

Well, that’s actually what I like about you– your being true to yourself and the people around you. Hmmm…
Who would ever forget my ultra hapak, mega ganut and super kusi? I know it has been my trademark. I keep on doing it; without me even reminded of your, “Sakit na kayu maot.” I remember what Kuya Justin said. “Walay maka-antos nimung laki.” Adding to it was Tonio’s, “Hikti ang kamot.” Haha. Anyhow, ‘panu ba naman tayo aabot ng isang buwan; kung ‘di ka naka-tiis sa’kin? Haha.
Hadn’t you noticed? Whenever, we’re out together, I always wouldn’t forget to say thank you every time that day ends. There’s nothing wrong about it. It’s just that, you’re always thinking that I am referring to your libres. Well I’m telling you it’s not. It’s specifically deliberated for you. May you have done something special or not, your presence is just worth gratifying for.
I know my Thank you is just an understatement compared to everything that you had done. But, I just want you to know that it’s not just my way of being grateful. Conversely, kalakip na rin dun ang, ‘sa uulitin ha?’ Aw? Haha.

Fourth, to prove to him that I am not taking him for granted and that I cherish every single day that we’re together.

I know it’s awful to take a few weeks before a girlfriend could change her Facebook status– especially bearing the fact that she has got thousand chances to log in, in that social networking site. Sorry na gud? Anyhow, I already told you the reason why. And thanks for understanding.
Please don’t think nga gi-kaulaw tikaw. ‘Cause every time you do, you make me feel that I’m the worst girlfriend ever. Take note, why would I go out with you, if that is true? Daghan sa tiyangge ang atong nawung. Pero sige lamang, masuroy bitaw japun. Hehe.

Fifth, to share with everyone our moment’s [see pictures] together.
Hehe. Like you care?

Sixth, just to reminisce the days that we’re both happy.

When I’m with you. I’ll make every second count ‘cause I miss you. Aw? Haha. Lalala.

Finally, to discuss to my second family [TN], the reason I wasn’t able to make it up to our meeting.
I was absent last meeting because I was with… you know nah! Hehe. Pag-pasensyahan niyu na po. First birthday po namin yun, eh? Hehe.

P.S. There’s a lot more that I still want to relate. But I think taas na kayu siya. Hehe.

I hope after I made this post, nothing will ever change. And you’ll stay the same Maot, I once knew. Thank you! I love you…


Rina said...

so much kilig nman :) haha. dalaga kna. im happy for you also :) dats nice, dont let him feel your taking advantage of his goodness :) Godbless your realtionship :)

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

tenchu baby R.. hehe.. God bless sad ninyu.. hehe:)