Monday, August 30, 2010

I had always believed that keys pave their way on opening locked doors; conversely, because of that key, I wasted a barrel of tears and locked a relationship with my older brother.

I was supposed to believe that it was a peaceful evening. I was texting my soon to be sister in law when suddenly, my brother intently throw before me the metal key that he had been looking for, for almost three days already. (By the way, he used to bring that key because he always come home late.) He had been so suspicious that I was really the one who stole and kept it. Everytime we meet, he always give me those piercing eyes, like he wanted to eat me- fully.

"I didn't get it. Maybe you just misplaced it."– This statement is also what I had been repeating but he just couldn't believe me. He is really like that. He used to stick on his thoughts even if it's obvious that he is wrong. He is hot headed- as always. I can even rarely see him smiling on us. But with her girlfriend around, naku! Abot-tenga ang ngiti.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, a million thanks to Lola. The punches and slaps that was supposed to be mine was given to her. Ahhh... kawawa naman si Lola. Well, it only proves that she really cares for me. This scenario has also been recurring for I think, 12 years already, from the time that I celebrated my Awareness Day. Thanks La! You're the best...

Until now, my relationship with my brother is still unfixed. However, I believe that this is for the better for I know that, mag-sumpaki lang japun me. Mas maayo pang dili nalang me mag-tagdanay para magpabiling mingaw ang payag. Hahai!


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