Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Earthquake hits JNHS
(My first ever news article published in JNHS CHRONICLER- The official school paper of Junob National High School)

A swathe of shocking tensions felt on students when a sudden earthquake with an intensity of 5.5 hit Junob National High School buildings and grounds last July 13, 2007, Friday, at around 9:00 in the morning. The earthquake lashed the said grounds causing some leaks on Building-F.

Erica Jane Bais, fourth year orange was shocked and fainted and the rest of the high school students were frightened and shaken.

Tensions and worries were felt on the scene. Thus, students went out fearfully from their rooms with hands protecting their heads. Shortly, teachers from different year levels announced that the classes are cancelled.

Because of the catastrophe that happened recently, students practiced earthquake drill last July 27, 2007. Selected third year students of Mrs. Katherine L. Partosa were also trained to be first aiders purposely for a temporary care for the victims.

P.S. Hehe... Binata... This article was revised for almost 10 times. Every time I have an erasure on my final draft (even a single one), my adviser would suggest to get another piece of paper and re-write it. Thus, I have many final drafts and each time I presented it to him, he always find something wrong in it. This is one of the reason why I always cry for being a loser, why I didn't want to go to school and why I didn't want to see the face of Mr. Maputi (my adviser). Perhaps, because of that person, I am what I am now. Sorry Sir for being hard-headed and the worst student (I think) you ever had (In return, you've been my worst critic also when I was in high school). But now I'll say, "Thank you so much, Sir!" Hehe...