Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Usual

If Insomnia is difficulty in sleeping, then what on earth is crisis in waking up early? Can somebody enlighten me?

Since the day my ambitious anatomy opt to make Physical Education as my seven o'clock AM class during Mondays and Wednesdays, there started my unstoppable laziness in waking up early.

If I could recall, we have to deceive our class secretary that we're not late in attending the three unconsecutive classes that we had, so as to save ourselves from our instructor's threat which is being dropped in her list. Well, who wouldn't be threatened?

The moment I heard her saying that, a thought of befriending our class secretary so I could easily convince her to change what she has in her records keeps on taunting me. While I was busy trying to figure things out, a friend of mine whispered (I hope she could read this one. HAHA), telling me that after our class, we'll have to make our way in deceiving the secretary and let out all our convincing prowess to alter what she has written.

"Miss, kani siya ba, sayu man mi ani. Ka-attend jud mi sa klase ana nga date. Promise," she said.

I have to be confident in telling her that those dates marked with L (as in Late) was absolutely absurd. "Sakto jud Miss. Ka-attend jud mi ana. Wala ra siguro ka kita namu,"I added.

After a bit of discussion, she found justice in our reasons and twisted letter L into a check mark. Shortly after that, a bunch of our classmates also made a negotiation with the secretary.

That proves our sense of leadership and of being a PhD holder in telling a lie– a white lie I mean. Because if not for that, I should not have seen a stunning flat one in my load form as my grade in PE. (HAHA :D) And of course, many parents should have been saddened with the thought that their daughters will be taking PE 121 again.

Anyhow, that will be the first and last performance arrangement. Soon, I will be receiving my load form. I wouldn't be surprise if I can see an unusual mark there. To be specific, my Management 154. I'm always reprimanded by my instructor to wake up and prepare myself early so that I could also come to class early. But he was hopeless in receiving positive behavior from me.

A usual point of "You're too early for the next class" is what I am constantly reaping from him. While he was expecting for me to change, I always had the guts to still join the discussion although I was already 30 minutes late.

This attitude of mine still lingers. Every morning, I am usually bathe with anger from my Mama. "Bangon na dha Liting, mudto na!", is what I am always earning from her. "How could it be noon when it fact, it's still nine o'clock?", I would said. But this would just drive her to cultivate my past mistakes and I would have to cover my ears or let her redundant words pass on the other end.

I don't know how to furnish this one. Even if I would sleep ahead of time, to think that I would be timely for the next day, I would still stumble and fall from my scheme of doing things. Sorry na gud? :(