Monday, May 9, 2011

NBA Playoffs + Mobile Games = Zero Boredom

Sport to die for

It was just recently when I realized that I'd been hooked with basketball. It all started with boredom. Kasi naman kasi. Walang ibang channel na makuha yung telebisyon namin. Only shows of GMA and ABS-CBN are the ones being flashed on the screen. Guess this is for a lifetime already ;( That is why, when I turned on the TV and saw basketball on the silver screen, after being hopeless of the shows of GMA, I had no other option but watch and forcely enjoy myself or else, I'll be enveloped with boredom again.

I actually don't have any knowledge of basketball's technical terms and other stuffs; but, the part that I found another vitamin A ( good for my eyes only :] ) was the very reason why I'm already a fan of NBA playoffs.

This guy I'm talking about is an American professional player and plays as point guard of the Boston Celtics. He's not that handsome though but with the kind of eager and aura that he possessed, simply makes me shiver everytime I watch him playing. Yeee!

During the Eastern Conference Semifinals; Game 4 with Maimi Heat, Boston Celtics seemed to be devastated since their point guarder, got his elbow dislocated. He was apparently in great torment at that time. Luckily, he was able to return in the game shortly after. With his presence, Celtics appeared to struggle and played harder to win that game. He put his best foot forward even with his obvious, dislocated elbow. Thus, at the end of the fourth quarter, Celtics prevailed with the score of 97-81. (This scene made me admire him even more)

He is number 9 on the shirt, stands 6 ft 1 in., and weighs 171 pounds. My very own, Rajon Rondo (haha!) :)

Mobile Games for life

It was mentioned in my earlier post that I was already worn-out with the redundant game that a 3310 phone could offer me. Good thing, jisphert downloaded eight games on HIS phone (which is what I am currently using). Now, I could suffice myself and have an endless hours of fun! Thanks to him.

Hence, NBA playoffs and mobile games are my fuel to last a typical day! :)


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

..haha...tan-aw pud siya play offs oh... :))) wala na ang lakers for lebron james na lang ug si wade ang ating pag-asa

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

tamah! waslo na ang lakers, ling.. maypang dallas.. wiw! :)