Monday, May 2, 2011

Pa-Buena manong post – Sana :D

It's been a century since I last updated my blog. Although, this is not the first instant that I open this site, since everytime I get the chance to sit, lay my hands on the keyboard and my eyes glued on the screen, I always make my way on typing on the tab bar. The sad part however, is that, my motive of opening this site is to just read what other bloggers have incorporated on the dashboard and not on updating it. Well, so much of those stuffs, welcome me again blog. I'm back in the blogosphere! Sana tuloy-tuloy nato men!

Last night, I received my first-ever-blouse purchased online. It's not that expensive though. It's not that extravagant. It's not even branded with famous trademarks; but, I was really amazed with its style, it's simplicity (and of course, its price HAHA). I mean, every chic would really be hooked on its plain design that in just one glance, you would really be eager to have it.

Later this afternoon, I checked the site for online shopping... again. Then, I found another fine blouse but sad to say, it was already reserved to someone else. tsk.tsk


Japhet said...

hmpf... it's tym 4 u 2 tel papert 2 make an e-commerce site, and name it Paperting! hahaha, Aw! Nya ikaw na bahala unsa imo ibaligya. hahaha

Orange Pulps ♥ said... shopping ha..tell me how to do that ting..hehe..later part :D

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

@japhet.. Oh, jap! pa-tsadaon na jud nako ang blog, puhon. Pa-tsadaay? haha :)

@rolyn.. haha.. PYR! Later part! :)