Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Liting, your crush is there outside!"


Thus was the slipped-of-the-tongue statement of one of my closest here in the publication. I was speechless for a moment and yes! I couldn't think of any word to fight such mockery.

Upon dropping those words, she just realized that jisphert was inside the office, sitting on a kawayan-built couch, waiting for her to spit another revelation.

Me and Rolyn exchange meaningful glimpse, together. Silence filtered the once chattery and bubbly office.

"Rolyn! I will kill you," I said with jest, breaking the silence.

That seemed as the starting point for the staffers to scream and yell more. As I watched them teasing me to hell, I notice jisphert's sudden change of mood. Well, who wouldn't be sad after knowing that your partner has another inspiration?

I went out from the office, trying so hard to think of the best reason I could give, for him not be upset. I pulled him out, but he resisted.

"Ali na ba?" I insisted.

He slowly stood up, stared at me as if I was the culprit of the most bloody murder ever recorded in history.

"Mao diay, dili siya tig-agad nako, kay naa diay siya'y laing inspiration," he uttered in a saddened voice.

"My God. Joke ra to uy!" I hastily said, stealing his moment to speak.

"I can see it in your eyes," he stiffly uttered.

"Why? What's with my eyes?"

He didn't bother to answer. He was silent. He was as if examining things intently.


He remained silent. One of the TN staffers went out of the office to get into the comfort room. Just as when he saw us, I pretended everything was fine. I glanced and smiled at him and he also smiled in return.

"Hey...," I repeated. "Wow! Nice talking to myself."

Silence was all in between us. Except for the little noise that the students created, from behind.

"Who is he?" He finally said.

"Who? Hmmm... Well, hmmm. I bet you know him," I replied.

"So it's true," he answered back.

"Aw? No! My gass. Haha. It was just a joke. Promise. You can ask Rolyn if you want to," I uttered.

He was silent again. He was like fixing his bag, when there is nothing to be fixed to.

"You'll have your emergency meeting, right? It's 11 now, you better go," I said in a lower tone.

"It's not yet 11," he said.