Friday, August 5, 2011


As all of us were busy fighting to survive Mid-term exams and fighting to achieve good grades, it is undeniably inevitable to copy or let others copy answers if you are blessed with such a photographic memory.

A while ago, I took my OS exam. (Gosh! It was that of a hell like one.) I read the first question, the next question and proceeded to the next page. Oh men! Where had all my answers got? What kind of pointers did Dr. Ochotorena gave us?

"The test is very easy," she said. (At may gana pa syang sabihin 'yun! Huhu) Instead of feeling helpless, I turned away and luckily find the halfway answered-testpaper of my seatmate. Hah! Mahal talaga ako ng Diyos. Weee! Sa oras ng kagipitan, si seatmate ang aking maaasahan. Hihi

All of a sudden, Dr. Ochotorena started to play worship songs from her phone. To name few of them were The Prayer, God will make a way and Give Chance. Haha! I started to have goose bumps, feeling ashamed of how I acted. At first I thought, it was just me who felt that way. Not until a brave classmate of mine confided her that he was afraid to copy because of those music. I realized, I was not the only one.

"What's your problem, Jay Aries?" said Dr. Ochoterana.

"None, Ma'am. It's just that, I am now afraid to cheat because of that music of yours," he replied.

Shortly after renouncing those words, we all bursted out laughing. Not a few were filled with conscience now.

"That's exactly my point," she said with jest.

After minutes of brainstorming (Wehhh? Haha.), I finally passed my testpaper. I was relieved and finally caught a wholesome breath. Not that I wasn't able to catch a nice one in the past days; but, it just feels so good when you're finally in a worry-free atmosphere.

Cheers to Ma'am Dean. Though my afternoon was quite bad, she made it bubbly. Thanks to her. :)