Friday, August 12, 2011

One Million Signature Campaign for Peace

History embedded in my senses that Mindanao is relatively a place of conflict, war, struggle, hostility and a venue of clash from fierce to fierce individuals.

Since first grade, we were taught that people living in Luzon, in Visayas, as well as those people living in remote areas in both regions are called Filipinos; since of course, they are living in the Philippines. Regardless of their religion, they are still collectively called Filipinos. Not only that, our Muslim brothers in Mindanao are also part of the race despite of their Islamic religion.

Recently, a proposal was given by the authorities of Mindanao. A proposal who'll make them into a sub-state but still follows the rules and regulations by the president.

The root discussed by the panel was that it came from the
On the other ha

Genuine prosperity can only be achieved if there is a genuine unity among regions.

Proper negotiation and serious talks among

The only solution

I am now a true blue peace advocate. Am happy indeed for being part of the million signatures of million concerned citizens across the nation.

Peace out!


Jessie said...

Nice one Lycel, indeed you have decided the right decision. I am also happy that you have paved your way to be a true peace advocate. That signature campaign will really help alleviate peace and order in Mindanao. That peace talk and negotiations were indeed influential and convincing that would help people in Mindanao think that prosperity and progressiveness can only be achieved to a united community.