Sunday, November 20, 2011

Worth the prize

It was a new day. Pink clouds were splashed into the wide, seemingly unending horizon. Its silver linings were made even brighter as Mr. Sun peeped through its edges. Cool morning breeze embraced me tightly reminding me of the approaching holiday season. Its unpredictable direction were revealed by the soft swaying of the coconut leaves.

I gathered my thoughts as I jumped onto our porch. There I saw the everlasting Mr. Sun, smiling brightly at us all. I smiled back at him as his heat were gently kissing my skin. I never love sunlight. Never in my life did I appreciated its existence. Its a funny thing how I loved watching those glittering beams of light as they dried the moist from those green leaves. Just then, I saw myself carving a smile on my face. I was thankful. I couldn't thank God enough for creating healthy days like this. It was during this day that I appreciated all of his lovely creatures. It was a brand, new day indeed.

My thoughts reeled back at him–wondering how he was. I started to flipped back the pages where we used to laugh together and both our hearts were beating as one. I could still recall how wonderful it is to be with someone you dearly love. I scanned a few pages and from there, flashed a memory of bitterness and heartaches. How I love to skip those pages; but I realized, like any other drama, life without hardships is tedious. It is through that hardships that I learned real-life lessons where books and the four corners of our classroom couldn't teach me.

I never regretted the day that we met nor did the day that we parted. Days with him were a blessing but days without him were even more precious and meaningful. The day he got away with me, I realized, there are a lot of people who would dare to talk with me and have a piece of my suffering despite of their heavy schedules.

I switched to another few pages and there I saw myself starting to pick up the pieces of what was broken. Some companions were pushing me up while some others were trying so hard to drag me down. It was at this moment where I finally came to my senses and summoned to myself that I will be less and less concerned of his well-being. Despite that, I never cursed a day because of him.

And then I found several blank, white pages. While looking at the pages left, I heard a faint voice from behind, incessantly telling me to go farther yet reminding me to shape my dreams without bursting other's goals. He told me that I have all the freedom to write anything in the remaining pages just as long as I am not spilling other's milk.

"Think vigorously before scribbling it to the last pages," He whispered. "And if it's worth it, a Nobel Prize is waiting for you out there," He added.