Thursday, September 22, 2011

LAST to THIS Time :)


I was synthetic about my thoughts. I kept on pretending that I was strong; but behind all the uttered fierce words is a weak heart that silently cries in the corner.

I usually walked out and ran away when things aren't going my way – leaving it unsolved and as it is.

I used to count on the mistakes of other people and treating those as their trademark. I was not a perfectionist. I was merely inconsiderate.

I was up to what I can get. I don't care what other people would feel nor say about me, just as long as I get what I want.

I was heartless. I was rude. I was foolish. I was numb. I was just good to those people who are also good to me.

I normally stick to the present. I didn't mind what's heading after me.

I Love Yous, I Miss Yous, I Cherish Yous were the words I usually struggled for.

Last time... It was him.


I will be true. Not just with the way I feel but also to those people whom I know will always be there for me. There's no need for me to pretend. I will not be afraid to cry in front of the hostil critics. Being frustrated and in pain is hard but I realized, it's far harder when you just keep it to yourself. I'll be open to every happy opportunities that's waiting for me. Happiness will find me.

I'll strongly face my problems and I'll draw myself closer to God. He knows everything and I believe that He answers my prayers even before I ask for it.

I'll be more understanding. Considerations will now be a part of my tradition.

I will be looking forward to what I can give rather than focusing on what I can get. I will still not be a fan of creating a good corporate image; all I want to furnish right now is to be sincere. I'll bear in mind that everything you ask for will be yours; conversely, it is just a matter of time. Patience will be test this time and of course, the future depends on what I bring to it.

I will be sweeter. I'll be more loving, more caring and compassionate. I swear I'll be giving and more forgiving.

I'll keep an eye not just with what I have today; but more importantly, I'll be more cautious and concerned with what I will be in the years to come.

I Love Yous, I Miss Yous, I Cherish Yous and all of the other three-worded-sweet-phrases will be the words I'll be fighting for.

This time... It is still him :(

P.S. But I believe, someone's heart was meticulously sculptured by God to pair with mine. I'll wait for him no matter what.



Orange Pulps ♥ said...

this time, still him? ..... :)

...nice post ...

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

oo ling. sad to say.. huhu :(

cge lang, maka-move on ra nya jud ko. totally. :)

Thanks ling. GOD bless you :)

kendrex b. pael said...

hhaha eh kaon rana lycel ui saging monkey :)