Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yawyaw 105

"Now I made it through the weather; BETTER days are gonna get BETTER."

I don't have to fool myself. There's no need for me to do it. Nine days to go, and it's already one month since we broke up; but it feels like it was just yesterday since we parted. It still pains me. Seems like pain and frustration has always been my companion.

I kept telling myself to open up my eyes and realize to love and value myself even more. FOCUS on the things that make me happy and make a new concept of genuine happiness. Happiness that is way better than those memories and laughters we once shared. I know, in God's time, everything will be fine. I will be fine. I don't have to question why God did this to me. Cge lang, I will still continue to pray. Pray for him and for me.

Just when I thought that I was done scraping all the tears I had, it was also then that I realized, all tears shed were still not enough. It was too late for me to realize how foolish I am. Too late for me since he's not there anymore.

I can't stop crying now. Big thanks to Cherry, Kuya Pierce and Rolyn Jane for the comfort and advices. To Japhet also, for teasing me a hundredfold.

Tears :(


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

thank you for the mention...more importantly, it is all right to shed tears....kasulay pud baya ko ana...pero dili to tungod sa uyab...tungod ra to sa m.u....whahahha..

bitaw ah, okay ra nah ting. Love you ^-^

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

thank you ling!

na-eased bya pud ang pain na akong na-feel. lesson learned jud ni nako. dili na jud ko mag-minaldita jud. haha..

love you too ling. GOD bless you! :)

Jela Mae Ruales said...

.inGun u , u won't ryt anything about him nah.. last natung imu g-post a2ng una,,, y man nang reminisce na pud... ka ra nah fwend... don't give up just hold on.. aheheh...

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

haha. cge lamang! i just can't help it, jel. haha. tsk.tsk.

Thanks for dropping by! GOD bless you :)

kendrex b. pael said...

emmooooooooooo bai heheh ^_^