Friday, September 2, 2011


No more rooms for softness. No more rooms for pains and hard feelings. No more rooms for hopes and chances. No more rooms for tears. No more rooms for sympathies. No more wounds, only scars. It's a high time for me to move on and leave the past – sweet and bitter past behind.

I swear this will be the last time I'll be making a post about you. I swear I'll forget everything about you. I swear I cherished everything we've been through. I was wounded. I was hurt. I was left barely breathing. I was broken.

You're still a part of me. A part of my history. A part of my once wounded heart. I thank you for everything. For making me strong and for giving me the courage to go on with my life without you. It hurts. It was hard. Really hard. But I have to be strong because I know that there are perfect things waiting for me out there – things that are worth of who I am and what I am capable of doing. Perfect things that will still remain perfect despite of my insufficiencies.

Losing you was a great torment. But I have to move on. I need to move on. I have to fasten my seat belt and take the flight for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for the pain.

Stand firm, be happy, grow, move on, practicality, for a better me.


Jela Mae Ruales said...

...thatz my girl!! ahehehe...emote kau vai!!! Bali oh, "thankz 4 the pain" jud d.i???.. btaw,,, k ra nah!.. there are still a lot of fishes in the sea.. aheheh...

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

finding nimoh!!!! tamah! haha.. parang katty perry song lang.. haha..

thanks for the comment.

GOD bless you! :)