Thursday, October 11, 2012

So, so you

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He was never a head turner nor a hot cutie in our school. He was never a crush ng campus and certainly not my knight in a shining armor. It's a good thing though, that he possessed this fair skin making his beauty to outstood among the bunch of guys he was with in (favoritism. sorry guyst! haha.) I thought he was just another guy. I thought he was rude and not nice. I even thought he was a she. I thought of these thoughts for quite some time, not until the day he dressed in tangerine, swathe with cologne with a fresh from the bed aura came. The next thing I knew, God is already scribbling the sequel of my love story.

Meet Mr. Juan. One who consistently denies that he's using a papaya soap even when he's already made buko by his younger sister two years ago. One who loves to call himself a Ninja, even with his slightly built body and underdeveloped skeletal and muscular system. One who claims his a good cook just when I admitted that I never cooked a day in my entire life. Someone who had an about 10cm long, small bundle of hair, which he carefully bread and locked with that dinky, little pink rubber band. One who gets irritated with the heat of the sun more than I do, but still endures the scorching heat so he can drive me to and fro school. Someone who is an alleged guy but in his pocket lies an Avon pressed powder and honestly said that he flips that because there was not a second that he was not conscious with his looks. Someone whose a little demanding, a little too jealous and yes! Someone who prays once in a while too; especially when he was still an engineering student back in his yesteryears. Someone who uttered a specific prayer, found it effective the moment his Mom bought him a bicycle, repeatedly uttered the same prayer just when he thinks he needs it, and finally! He got no other choice but memorize it. Someone who had a very soft, cotton-like texture hand. One who overly reacts at certain things; yet one who appreciates a lot and even appreciates the things that need not to be appreciated. Someone whose very eager to read a blog entry about him. Haha. Someone who told me that his only fear is being caught by a policeman because he's yet to acquire his driver's license but eventually parks at the side because he's afraid of the huge ceres bus behind us; who bravely confessed that he once dreamt of being an employee at either Jollibee Foods Corporation or Lee Super Plaza, even after receiving his bachelor's degree. One whose very onion-skinned – crying over a silly dream just like a baby crying over a spilled milk. One whose destined to conquer my heart. 

So it's you. Little by little, Mr. Juan's mysteriousness is revealed without him knowing that he gets me surprised and amazed everytime. His sweetness just flows naturally and everyday, he cuddles me with sweet thoughts, which lately I concluded, were just another castles of clouds. On the other hand, it seems as though every inch of him is exquisitely dainty that you'd thought, a single touch would break him. No wonder, Bethlyn, his younger sister, my bestfriend, reminded me to handle him with utmost care. (No problem bespren, you can count on me. Haha.) He's sorry for the things he's not accountable of. He'll thank me for no reason, he'll tell me he's so proud of me and tirelessly tells me that he needs, misses and loves me. He's just so gay, so childish, so funny, so talkative, so crazy, yet so cute, so sweet, so adorable, so loving, so caring and I just can't help but fell in love with him the more. God! Oh God. How could You let me love everything about him?

My only fear, however, is when a time will come that a woman with nine months inside would knock at my door and tell me that you're the father of the life she's been carrying. Kidding! Haha. Rephrase: My only fear  is when you would get away with me, as swiftly as how you came to me; when you would tell me you fell out of love with me as quickly as when you said you fell in love with me. Although bearing my wildest imaginations, three things are real sure: I'll fall in love with you everyday, I'll never get exhausted of saying "I love you" even if you'll get sick of that phrase and that nothing and no one would make me love you less.

To Jesse, with love. For our third weeksary – Every other day, I heart you.


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thank you bert! haha :D

Noblesse Key said...

wahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaah!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! muo lagi ning dili ganahan ug mga ibog-ibog...maka-luod! atay! few weeks from now mag-ing-ani pud ko...YAAAAAAAAKKKK!!!!

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hahahaha.... luod jud?! Lycel, wa jud ka nag.share2x ani. abi naco'g busy ka sa inyo feasibility study... busy pud diay ka aning guy named Jesse...!!! hmmp.

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@LoveSparkz18: CHE!!! Alangan! wala bya ka nangutana! wahaha! mao na xay product sa akong pagka-busy. wahahaha! meeeeeern! hahaha.