Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just so you’ll know

Love you dutz!

Hundredths of thousandths could have commemorated the birth of Saint Valentine today. While some are busy preparing for a romantic-filled event, others couldn’t deny the fact that they are merely forced to buy roses, chocolates or a dinky little card due to the demand that this day brings. Silent few could have hovered around the corner and reiterating their bitter and grave experiences yet several could have thought that this is just another ordinary day and like any other unbranded days, it couldn’t be extended, not even an hour. True enough though. But today, I courageously chose to stare at the monitor and get my hands ready to type in anything what my brain dictates me. Sure thing, nothing and no one else occupies my hippocampus but him – only him.
Oh well, it was not so long ago since we piloted our first month together. Time elapsed. Things changed. Feelings deepened. Two, three, four months slipped by and still time swift by, things altered yet emotions were even deeper. And so here I am, trying to squeeze everything that needed to be squeezed and convey my heartfelt gratitude to him. Yes, my thank you list couldn’t compensate the four-month, fun-filled ride with you, but allow me to trumpet to the world how blessed and grateful I am for having you.
Hey! I couldn’t thank you enough for the t-shirt I sometimes borrow. For our trying hard cooking sessions and praising our own recipe because we felt so successful doing it, for reminding me that we belong to each other so that I should act accordingly and behave everytime, for spending quality time with me and for making me feel how special I am to you, for tirelessly telling me that forever will you love me, that the next girl you’ll love will be our daughter, that you’ll never have a change of heart and that you’ll never go away, of which I am not hundred and one percent certain that you’ve asserted those same perfect lines on one of your girls before. For giving me a hint with your weak spots so as to avoid your weeping-at-a-speed-of-light moments, for your blind obedience – following words I spit without you realizing that some of those are just part of my silly games. Thank you still, for your beautiful lie of telling me that you’ve deleted your collections of porns, semi-porns and the likes and you’re not watching them nor taking a sneak peak on them anymore  (Heaven knows and I know you still do).
For the corney, super corney and super duper corney jokes, for your unconditional patience of fixing your electric fan because I have negligently kicked one of the propellers, for remaining stern towards staying with me all through out while you fought with the many hurts and pains I caused you, and by all means, still staying gay and sweet despite everything, and for patiently waiting for me – so patient that even if that waiting feels like forever.
I’ve been a real bad girl, I admit it, but I thank you for taking care of us and for taking care of me better than I can. Thank you so much for not getting tired of us. Hope you never will. For keeping an eye on me before, during and after I was hospitalized, for uttering that effective prayer of yours that eventually, the physician told me I can go home the next day, for always being at my side even under time pressure, for shouting to the world wide web how much I mean to you and most especially for seeing me even with your eyes closed.
For generously sharing to me the other side of the coin, like BJ’s halagukoy (ancient term of ugly) and “Maayung Buntag Kapamilya” even on a sizzling afternoon, your avid status likers: Lowell’s “”, Jhonsel’s “dating-gawi”, Ryan Cute’s “madaot akong skin” and even parcels of your past fairy-tale-like love stories of which I chose not to name names; perhaps because of some good reasons. And oh! Thank you so much for your fake listening to my piece of Romeo-Juliet plots; life is indeed so fair and square.
Well that did not hurt but, thank you for the slap in my face and for hitting me that broomstick. Just then I realized, walking out is never a solution to our melodramatic scenes and crying sessions. Besides telling me it’s a tiring job, thank you for the 26 calls and 20 messages I unscrupulously missed. For triumphantly penning “I <3 i="" jesse="" u=""> on one of my Pol Sci photocopies and subsequently teasing me a hundredfold with, “My God, musulat kag ing-ani?”, while we both exactly know whose the culprit of the crime scene, for tolerating my way of pony tailing your hair, closer to that of Upin’s and Ipin’s, while blackmailing that you either love me no more or you love someone else the moment you removed it. So poor, ninja boy! Anyway, I just thought that you should know, you looked so sexy with that hair do on. Haha. For your babyish pleas that all I could do is give you a smirk, for your shameful, felt like trodden with million horse hooves, “thank you Te,” referring to my Mama after we’d taken our lunch.

I supposed the above mentioned were totally an understatement with the true scenario. But please, for heaven’s sake, could you please appreciate it? Haha. And before I end this post, I apologize that I vulgarized your usage of papaya soap. Anyhow, I’ve got plans of vindicating your name today. Guys, sorry for poisoning your senses but he’s actually using Dove Cream Bar. Hahaha.
Thank you for the things you’ve done and will be done. Much to my delight, thank you so much for loving me for me. Forever will I be thankful and forever will I glorify God’s meticulous plan of sending you to me. May this day be a rich soil for our seed of togetherness. Happy Valentine’s. Happy hundred and forty-seventh day! I love you kaayu!