Sunday, February 10, 2013

Those were the days

Conversation #1
Juan: Hi mega!
Liting: Hello mego!
Juan: Mingaw nako nimu mega.
Liting: Wehhh?
Juan: Nah lage mega. Mao ganing ni-text ko nimu.
Liting: Kay ako ra man jud uy ka-text nimu.
Juan: Kay ikaw ra may akong ganahang ka-text mega.
Liting: Kay ako ra man puy mu-reply. Haha.
Juan: Maldita.
Liting: Wahaha!
Juan: Hahay.

Conversation #2
Juan: I miss you mega.
Liting: I miss you mega.
Juan: Buang.
Liting: Kinsay buang? Kinsay buang?
Juan: Ikaw. Kay imung gi-balik akong text.
Liting: Ahhh. Buang diay ha. Last text na ni. Bye!
Juan: Why?
Mega? Sorry na.
Mega. Peace na ta please.
Please mega. Ayaw na pangisug.
Liting: Duhhh.
Juan: Isug much jud mega?
Mega? Peace na ta please?
Liting: Balak-an ka.
Juan: Mega ko. Huhu.
Liting: Kinsay buang?
Juan: Ako mega.
Liting: Nya ako? Unsa ko?
Juan: Gwapa ka mega. Ako ra ang buang.
Liting: Cge unsa pa? Dayiga pa ko. Haha.
Juan: You're sweet, thoughtful, cute, nice, pretty, God-fearing, hot, responsible, etc.
Liting: Dili ko ganahan sa hot.
Juan: Ay pasensya kau mega. Sorry kaayu.
Kapuya pud cgeg lalis mega uy.
Mega please?
Isug much jud mega?
Liting: Hi mego! Pasinsha, gikan kong ga-drive.
Juan: Abi kog nangisug ka pag-ayo mega. Ayaw na pangaway ha.
Liting: Ingun ka last time, excited ka na awayun tikaw?
Juan: Dili nako excited mega. Kay murag totohanan man kang mangaway. Hehe.

Coversation #3
Juan: Ulan-ulan na pud. Ayaw paulan mega.
Liting: Ukie. Uli nako mego.
Juan: Amping mega. Ayaw paulan. Dili ra ba ka ninja.
Liting: Pwede mu-apply? Haha.
Juan: In order to become a ninja, you should love a ninja. Nya? Kaya ra?
Liting: Ahhh. Really? Ukie. Nevermind. Haha.
Juan: Ouch.
Liting: Hahaha!
Juan: Exempted nalang ka mega. Haha. i love you my ninja.
Liting: Wahaha! Agad2x mego?

Hey you! I know much have been changed between us. Right from our old mego and mega to mylove, from your erratum free text messages to your couldn’t-read-without-a-jumbled-letter-or-two all because you got a new touch screen phone, from your extra shy facial expressions and body gestures to your odor free, yet at a maximum volume fart, while your pointing finger is mischievously buried on one of the holes of your nose to dig some luxurious golds, from an avid fan of head and shoulders to switching to dove silky straight shampoo just because I told you so and among others.

Indeed, loops of change wrapped us but instead of murmuring against the wind, I’d rather call this a sweet and step by step process towards in depth getting to know and accepting each other. You never know, but all these summed up our romantic entangleness and somehow pamper us in a cute and charming way. Again, you never know but, what I felt for you is not just a rushing breeze of emotion. Heaven knows, my love for you will never fade down the hallway and that I couldn’t play games with your heart.

Another thing, thank you so much for the 26k kilig moments and for inspiring me over and over, for enduring my cardinal rules and for mending your fences well. I love you – forever I do. And like I said before, how I love to build my forever with you – that if God permits me to J


Noblesse Key said...

aherrrrmmmm... inlove kaaus liting... wahahahhahaha... happy to know that you are happy...

Gwapo ug gwapa mung duha... cheers to relationships! -.-

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

wahahaha! Salamat ken!!! wahaha. na-stunned ko sa imung comment. unusual kaayu. wahaha!

thanks for droppin' by :)